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Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

The wedding is also the time to receive gifts from friends and family. It is therefore a common practice for the guests to carry gifts to the wedding party. The concept of the wedding gifts is to help the bride and the groom to help them start their new life. The wedding gifts are therefore considered as a part of wedding for many centuries now. 

Every time the guests receive a wedding invitation they are faced with the dilemma as to what to gift to the bride and the groom. In the western culture giving cash as a gift on the wedding is often considered as apropos or rude and therefore you must avoid gifting cash.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Furniture. An empty house is one of the most overwhelming things that a newly married couple has to face. To help with all that stress, giving them some new furniture is a great way to start things off on the right foot. Go for antique pieces that can probably find a place in whatever décor they will ultimately prefer.

2. Honeymoon gifts. There’s no easier way to delight a couple than with the gift of a romantic getaway after the wedding. If this is too lavish for your wallet, you can get them something that will complement their honeymoon, such as a gift certificate good for a restaurant in the area where they will be staying.

3. Electronics. These days, our computers, cameras, and other gadgets are just as important to us as our cars and dishwashers. Getting the happy couple a digital gift is not only stylish, but also practical. If you know of an item that they already have, think of getting them some accessories to go along with it.

4. Picture frames. Well-made and elegant picture frames can be incredibly useful for a newlywed couple. You can include a picture of the couple or their wedding invitation in the frame, or just give them an empty one that they can use for any of their wedding photos.

5. Designer outfits. Clothes are a lovely and reliable wedding gift. You can ask relatives of the bride and groom to help determine their sizes, then get each of them something nice from a high-end retailer. If you’re worried about size, you can always rely on items like scarves and watches.

6. Fine wine. A beautiful gift that is also relatively affordable would be a bottle or two of gourmet wine. Other high-end liquors, such as scotch or brandy, make wonderful gifts as well. Bonus points if the gift will age perfectly so as to be opened on their tenth anniversary!

7. Appliances. This is a classic gift, but still incredibly desirable. Whether you’re getting them a toaster or going big with a washer/dryer combo, the practicality of this gift often means that it’s the nicest thing you can do. Check their registry for requests, or get them something new to replace an ancient junker that they might already have.

8. Ceramics. High-quality ceramic crockery and cookware combines physical beauty with usability. Get the newlyweds a salad bowl, Dutch oven, or even a set of plates with a beautiful glaze to start off their wonderful new life together. This is the perfect kind of domestic item to send them your best wishes.

9. Arts and crafts. When a couple moves into a new house, bare walls can be just as disconcerting as the absence of appliances and kitchen utensils. A gift of framed artwork, sculpture, or lawn decorations can be a welcome method of cheering up an empty house for a pair of newlyweds.

10. Money. Here’s what you can get for the couple that has everything. Giving money isn’t tacky, but even so, presentation can really make a difference. Enclose the check with a thoughtful card expressing your heartfelt warm wishes to the bride and groom, which will give your gift that personal touch.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas


  1. Beautiful wind chimes are the best way to touch your beloved's heart. You may also engrave your feelings regarding your beloved on the wind plate. It will be one of the most romantic personalized wedding gifts.
  2. A beautiful heart-shaped glass vase is an ideal personalized wedding gift. Place a beautiful bouquet of red roses in the vase. You may also engrave on it your beloved's name and your feelings for him/her.
  3. You can also gift a beautiful pillow with one of your favorite photographs on it.
  4. Another unique and new personalized wedding gift is 3-D house photo. This house has occupancy for approximately 22 members. You may also add the family name, your address and your family pets.
  5. If you want to say something special to your beloved, then go for framed print. This is a novel personalized wedding gift, as it incorporates valuable tips for a successful and happy married life.
  6. Parents can also offer personalized wedding gift to a bride. For instance, a handmade picture book of the bride is a perfect personalized wedding gift for her anniversary. It will incorporate photographs from the time of her birth up to wedding.
  7. Clay images of the couple would be another interesting personalized wedding gift.
  8. You may also gift your spouse a handwritten poem. This is an ideal way to declare all your feelings and emotions to your beloved. This would be one of the most memorable personalized wedding gifts for your beloved.
  9. You can enhance the beauty of your beautiful beloved wife by giving her a cosmetic bag.
  10. Another commonly gifted personalized wedding gift is a double-faced satin ribbon. This ribbon will incorporate the couple's name, along with your feelings.


Things to remember during buying wedding gifts
Things can be really stressful during the wedding seasons when you might have to attend several wedding parties. Hence, a little homework about buying wedding gifts can save you a great deal of worries. Keep the following factors in mind while shopping for wedding gifts.

  1. Registry: Ask the friends and family of the couple to know if they are registered with any particular store.
  2. Background: Knowing a little more about the couple can save you a great deal. Find out if they are considering buying a new house or looking for home improvement, or what their hobbies are. You can then plan for the wedding gift accordingly.
  3. Budget: Find out what you can afford. Your wedding gift doesn’t always have to be expensive but it should be the reflection of your true feelings.
  4. Gifting etiquettes: While gifting you must remember the gifting dos and don’ts to avoid embarrassments on both sides.