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Wedding Ideas

All get stored for the wedding day. You must have planned for the best things for your wedding. This day is your and your parent have also thought a lot for this day. There are different Wedding Ideas which can make your day special. The wedding day is a memorable day. Moreover you have to make the day so memorable that your friends and family too talk about this day, years after years. The different Wedding Ideas will help you a lot.

The Idea can be like based on oceans, mountains, summer, Arabian nights or anything thing as per your choice. Remember that the day is yours and your partners. So choose a theme which is preferred by you both.

Wedding Idea: Ocean

If you both love the sea and water then you can choose a theme of OCEAN for your wedding. This wedding idea is unique and it will add a spark to the red letter day. For this theme you will have to do the followings:

  1. Different goods of turquoise tulle can be added to the head table.
  2. Use ribbon of ocean color to decorate the bridal arch.
  3. The welcome drink for guests should be of marine color.
  4. On the table you might keep glass bowls with arrangements of sea water. Make sure that you add pebbles in them.
  5. The invitation card should be of the shape of a fish.
  6. The sitting arrangement could be of blue color to give the effect of the marine theme.


Wedding Idea: Tropical

You can make your wedding theme a tropical theme. This way you will add loads of color and vibrancy to the party. You may do the followings for the wedding day:

  1. Bougainvillea should be used throughout to decorate the wedding hall.
  2. All tables should be decorated with tropical flowers.
  3. Palms should be used as a wedding décor.
  4. The outside bar can be decorated as a tiki hut.
  5. Tropical drink should be served.
  6. In the dessert tropical fruits can be served.
  7. The wedding cake should also be a Caribbean cake.
  8. The food should have enough sea foods.


Wedding Idea: Nature and Music

The combination of nature and music is unique. You can merge the two concepts to get a unique wedding idea. For this theme you implement the followings:

  1. The wall of the wedding hall can be decorated with wall paper projecting trees and nature.
  2. You may play a soft music of breeze to add the right effect to the wedding.
  3. The welcome drink may be of green in color.
  4. You may keep some mascots of few animals to represent nature.

Wedding Idea: Summer Theme

Your wedding theme could be a summer theme. For a summer theme you will have to incorporate the followings:

  1. The wedding hall can be decorated as a garden.
  2. You can pick up all colorful flowers from the garden to make the wedding idea more impressive.
  3. The food may have different fruits and vegetables.
  4. You can also ask your guests to dress up in colorful dresses of summer color.

Wedding Idea: Arabian Night

To make your wedding night look like an Arabian Night you can try out the followings:

  1. Decorate the place with desert, sand dunes, quality fabrics and music.
  2. Cushions, harems and drapes should be there at the wedding party.
  3. The pathway can be decorated with torch light.
  4. You can arrange for a Bedouin tent to give the right effect.
  5. You can get few belly dancers to add the right flavor for the wedding.
  6. In drinks, you must have creamy cocktails.
  7. The food must comprise of spicy rice and meat. Turkey is a must at the menu.

Wedding Idea: Casablanca theme

Your wedding theme can be Casablanca theme. For this wedding idea you will have to arrange for the followings:

  1. The theme is a romantic theme and it is based on 40s.
  2. The hall can be decorated as Rick’s café and palm tress.
  3. You must have different cocktails at the party.
  4. The music which you play can be “As time goes by.”
  5. You may put few pictures of the movie on the wedding hall to make it more effective.

Few other Wedding themes in a nutshell

  1. If you believe in keeping the society green then the wedding idea for your wedding can be eco-friendly.
  2. If you and your partner are adventurous people then the theme for the party can be outdoors.
  3. If you love to have fun around always, then you can have a fun theme wedding party. There can be few games and the décor must be very colorful.

Plan the wedding

As the wedding day is the most important day in your life, it is expected that you will go nervous. You might forget little things on the main occasion. So, you need to plan the wedding properly.

  1. The cake: The wedding cake is special and it needs to be ordered before hand. Choose your cake as per your choice to make it special.
  2. The dress: Try out the wedding dress beforehand to avoid any mess at the last moment. It should fit you perfectly. If in case there are few changes to be made then ask your designer to make the changes as per your choice.
  3. The menu: Choose the menu as per the theme. With a Caribbean theme you cannot choose Italian food. So the menu should match the theme.
  4. Invitation: Inviting your guest is an important work. So invite your guests in advance. Make sure that you do not miss out on inviting any person. Make a list of invitees for your own convenience.

You can try to make all things perfect for your wedding. So plan things according to avoid any difficult situation. When things are planned perfectly, it is sure that everything will fall in place. Wish you luck for your wedding and arrange this as per your choice. The wedding day is your day.