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Funny Valentine Wishes

Are you planning to do something different this valentine’s day? May be you have planned some unusual gifts or holiday destination but you can make the situation even more hilarious by adding a funny and witty valentine day wish.

Wondering what can be a funny valentine wish? Check out our vast collection of wishes. Feel free to send it online or through text message or just scribble in a greetings card for your beloved, friends and colleague.

  1. I wish you put on a fitting attire to hide the potbelly well this Valentine’s day.

  2. I genuinely wish you can manage the stiletto and long gown this Valentine’s Day when you go out for dinner.

  3. I wish your fussy aunt does not prove to be a spoilsport for your Valentine’s Day celebration this year.

  4. I sincerely wish your beloved puddle does not develop a sore throat when you are about to dine out with your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day!

  5. I wish your boyfriend does not ask you to sing a romantic song when you two go out for dinner this Valentine’s Day!

  6. I genuinely wish your girlfriend asks you something less tedious than giving up smoking this Valentine’s Day!

  7. I wish you can finally manage to propose to your partner this Valentine’s Day without much fumbling or stammering.

  8. I sincerely wish you can decorate your room for this Valentine’s Day without making your mother see red.

  9. I genuinely wish you can complete designing the Valentine’s Day card for your partner in less than 5 days!

  10. I wish you can put on the right and fitting ornaments with your Valentine’s Day attire this year.

  11. I wish you do not wake up late this Valentine’s Day after being prodded by your girlfriend for a morning trip.

  12. I wish you do not find your bike has got a flat tire after asking your girl friend for a ride this Valentine’s Day!

  13. I wish you do not experiment with your beard or goatee for a makeover this Valentine’s Day.

  14. I wish you do not try a new hair color for this Valentine’s Day.

  15. I wish you do not find tickets only for a zombie movie running in the nearby multiplex after taking your partner for the Valentine’s Day!

  16. I wish you do not see the handsome teacher in your college getting hitched this Valentine’s Day.

  17. I wish your partner does not keep you waiting outside the café this Valentine’s Day.

  18. I wish you do not find the mushroom and oyster dish you are allergic to at the restaurant you go for Valentine’s Day dinner with your beloved.

  19. I wish your partner does not act fidgety at the restaurant you go for Valentine’s Day dinner and drive you mad inside.

  20. I wish your beloved does not give you a mills and boons book you cannot digest this Valentine’s Day.

  21. I wish your classmate Betty’s gorgeous cousin does not propose to another girl for Valentine’s Day outing.

  22. I genuinely wish your partners’ parents do not find your Valentine’s Day attire over the top or loud.

  23. I wish the chocolate cake you bake for this Valentine’s Day meal ends up looking like a cake after all!

  24. I wish you do not lose balance or tip over while dancing with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

  25. I wish you do not end up wearing two socks of different colors this Valentine’s Day.

  26. I wish you do not catch a cold after spending the Valentine’s Day evening by riverside.

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