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Valentine Wishes For Friends

Valentine Day is not just to wish your beloved but it is also a great occasion to wish your friends. No matter where your friend is, a thoughtful wish will definitely bring smile to your friend’s face.

If you are searching for valentine wishes for friends then here are some great messages that will certainly brighten up your friend’s day. Write it in a greeting card, inbox it or send as a sms message. Check out!

  1. I wish your love life receives a boost this Valentine’s Day.

  2. I sincerely wish you spend quality time with your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

  3. I wish this Valentine’s Day you reunite with your long lost classmate.

  4. I wish your beloved patches up with you this Valentine’s Day and you have a rocking time together.

  5. I wish you receive several proposals for this Valentine’s Day!

  6. I wish your inbox gets filled with Valentine’s Day dining offers from admirers.

  7. I genuinely wish you find a suitable place to take your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

  8. I wish you succeed in finding apt ornaments to wear on this Valentine’s Day.

  9. I find your Valentine’s Day attire makes your beloved pleased and others envious.

  10. I wish you succeed in mastering dance steps for the upcoming Valentine’s Day program.

  11. I wish the elaborate decoration plans you have thought for Valentine’s Day clicks with your partner.

  12. I sincerely wish the dishes you cook this Valentine’s Day become absolutely mouth watering.

  13. I wish your evening trip with your beloved on the upcoming Valentine’s Day proves to be successful.

  14. I wish the dashing guy who came to neighborhood last month asks you for coffee this Valentine’s Day.

  15. I wish the classmate you threw hints at finally yields and asks you to be his Valentine.

  16. I genuinely wish your fiancée manages to squeeze time to spend entire evening with you this Valentine’s Day.

  17. I wish you find a great template to craft a customized Valentine’s Day card for your beloved.

  18. I wish there is no disruption in your Valentine’s Day celebrations this year.

  19. I sincerely wish you recover fast from the flu and enjoy upcoming Valentine’s Day the way you have planned.

  20. I wish your Valentine’s Day begins with a sweet wakeup call from your beloved.

  21. I wish you receive compliments from everyone for the special Valentine’s Day dress you have chosen.

  22. I genuinely wish you look as lovely as the roses in your garden this Valentine’s Day.

  23. I wish you do not experience jams and chaos this Valentine’s Day evening when you go out.

  24. I wish the skin renewal you have undergone makes you look like a diva this Valentine’s Day.

  25. I wish the movie DVDs you have got for viewing with your beloved this Valentine’s Day suits his taste.

  26. I wish you get lucrative offers for couple dinner at your favorite restaurant for this Valentine’s Day.

  27. I wish this time your beloved asks for your hand on Valentine’s Day.

  28. I wish you can think of a totally different celebration plan for this Valentine’s Day.

  29. I wish your evening is spent amidst sheer bliss and happiness with your close one this Valentine’s Day.

  30. I wish you receive lots of lip smacking treats from your beloved on Valentine’s Day.

  31. I wish your spouse comes up with some surprise plan to amaze you on the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

  32. I sincerely wish your plan to spend the Valentine’s Day at a water them park with your beloved turns out to be a successful one.

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