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Valentine Wishes For Boyfriend

Wondering how to charm your man this valentine’s day? A cool gadget that he adores or a vacation to his dream place would be a great idea! But if you wish to keep it simple and express your feelings for him then consider writing him a personalized greeting card with some thoughtful wishes.

In case you need some ideas, here is a huge collection of some valentine wishes for your aid. Go ahead and let your love blossom this valentine’s day!
  1. I genuinely wish our love blossoms and it takes us to next level of relation this Valentine’s Day.

  2. I sincerely wish we can spend a lot of time together without any disruption this Valentine’s Day.

  3. I wish to spend the evening on this Valentine’s Day with you in my house and enjoy the time to hilt.

  4. I wish this Valentine’s Day brings us closer and we succeed in resolving our differences, however big or small.

  5. I wish you like the plans I have thought for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

  6. I genuinely wish you to enjoy every moment of the Valentine’s Day outing that we have planned.

  7. I wish we appear like would be couple to all this Valentine’s Day.

  8. I sincerely wish you like the attire I have order especially for this Valentine’s Day.

  9. I wish you introduce me to your family members on this Valentine’s Day.

  10. I sincerely wish you can keep work out of our way this Valentine’s Day.

  11. I wish we can spend this Valentine’s Day at some serene spot away from the clutter of city.

  12. I wish my selection of wine for this Valentine’s Day suits your taste.

  13. I wish my classmates turn green with envy when they spot us together this Valentine’s Day!

  14. I wish we can enjoy a passionate dance session in the evening this Valentine’s Day.

  15. I wish I can impress you with my music skills this Valentine’s Day.

  16. I sincerely wish you treat me with my favorite oyster dish this Valentine’s Day.

  17. I wish the sky remains cloudless and I can enjoy a moonlit dinner with you in my terrace this Valentine’s Day.

  18. I wish you could play piano this Valentine’s day and I dance to the tune.

  19. I wish your sore throat gets cured before the upcoming Valentine’s Day and you can spend the time with me.

  20. I wish I can find a couple of scarlet rose so that I can put them in my flower vase to simulate our union this Valentine’s Day.

  21. I wish we can spend a lot of time this Valentine’s Day staring into each other’s eyes without talking.

  22. I sincerely wish to wake you up this Valentine’s Day with my phone call, ahead of everyone.

  23. I wish we can watch a few of our favorite romantic movies this Valentine’s Day together.

  24. I wish I can cook some delicious dishes for this Valentine’s Day that live up to your tastes.

  25. I wish you think of some innovative ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in a way we did not experience before.

  26. I wish we spend the evening this Valentine’s Day in a refreshing cruise on river.

  27. I wish I can do justice to the brown chocolate fudge cake recipe downloaded especially for the Valentine’s Day.

  28. I wish any rainfall or drizzle does not spoil our plan to spending Valentine’s Day outside this year.

  29. I wish you put on that dark green t-shirt on this Valentine’s Day that you wore on the day you had proposed to me.

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