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Valentine Wishes

Valentine's Day is the occasion that several men and women await to convey their innermost feelings to their loved ones. While couples and lovers make the most of this event, you can also convey your feelings to a close friend or someone you admire. Here are a few Valentine wishes you may choose from:

  • 1. I sincerely wish this Valentine’s Day brings you closer to me.

  • 2. I wish your love life blossoms this Valentine’s Day.

  • 3. May cupid bless you and your partner and your bond strengthens.

  • 4. I wish this Valentine’s Day gives us the capability to override mutual differences.

  • 5. I sincerely wish you hold my hand this Valentine’s Day and never let it go.

  • 6. May god bless you with his love this Valentine’s Day to begin a new chapter in conjugal life.

  • 7. I genuinely wish your boyfriend asks for your hand this Valentine’s Day.

  • 8. I sincerely wish this Valentine’s day you finally gather the courage to propose to your girlfriend.

  • 9. I wish you a fabulous Valentine’s Day filled with happiness, company of your beloved one and loads of fun.

  • 10. I wish your gorgeous classmate agrees to go for a date with you this Valentine’s Day.

  • 11. I wish you spend the Valentine’s Day with your special person and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

  • 12. I sincerely wish your boyfriend takes you out for a candlelight dinner this Valentine’s Day.

  • 13. I sincerely wish you use this Valentine’s Day as a perfect occasion to patch up with your partner.

  • 14. I wish you spend this Valentine’s Day with your family and close friends in perfect harmony.

  • 15. I wish you use this Valentine’s Day to spend an outing with your partner amidst lap of nature and serenity.

  • 16. I genuinely wish you come across someone this year Valentine’s Day who turns out to be the special one!

  • 17. I sincerely wish this Valentine’s Day brings some positive developments in your life that changes your single status.

  • 18. I wish you can think of giving your partner an innovative present this Valentine’s Day to win him over.

  • 19. I wish you take your partner to a romantic movie that sets the perfect mood to pop the proposal.

  • 20. This Valentine’s Day use your culinary skills and cook up some mouthwatering dishes to impress your beloved.

  • 21. Impress your partner by designing a customized Valentine’s Day card by hand and your skills this year.

  • 22. Gift your beloved a portrait you have drawn this Valentine’s Day and make your mark.

  • 23. I wish you bump on the teacher you always had a crush on in the college years this Valentine’s Day.

  • 24. I wish you find your neighbor’s gorgeous cousin in your neighborhood this Valentine’s Day.

  • 25. Win your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day by giving up smoking.

  • 26. I wish you adorn your home in an aesthetic manner to impress your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

  • 27. I wish you gift your pet lover girlfriend a cute and adorable puddle this year on Valentine’s Day.