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Valentine Week

With 365 days in a year, can ONE day be really enough to say I Love You. Is it enough to make your sweetheart feel so special, and oh so loved?

Yes, there are days, important events that lead you to the D-day i.e. is Valentine’s Day. And celebrating each day, in its true spirit is perfect way to show your partner how much you really love her. We have days for flowers, days to say I Love You and even days to give your love the right gift.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we tell you ways to celebrate ‘love’ for the whole week... in Valentine Style.

February 7 Rose Day:

Rose Day The first day of this ‘love week’ definitely has to be roses-the true symbol of love. Aptly named the ‘Rose Day’ it is a significant day to delight your love with some lovely roses. For those looking to propose, we suggest you give a rose today... to test your partner’s response. So if you are not sure, head for some pink roses – which also stands for friendship. Or a bunch of mixed colors to cheer up your dear friend.

And for those just thinking of popping the question, a bunch of dark, red roses is the perfect gift. Go on, take a bunch of roses, dress them up well, add some sparkle and then get down on your knees... just to give the roses. It will be awesome!

Valentine Week

Rose Day is important even for those in a relationship for a long time... what better than to gift your partner some flowers, a week before Valentine? He/She will be delighted and love you more for this.

Like the red roses you buy, your valentine’s day will blossom with true love.

February 8 Propose day:

Propose day Once the roses are accepted, you know for sure how your partner feels about you. And once that has been gauged, then why wait to propose? The propose day is significant for people wanting to say I Love You. It is the day when you take your relationship to the next level, you officially become a couple, or for those already couples, your relationship becomes more strong.

Get a nice sweet gift for your partner today, it may be a small jewellery or simply a date out together. But keep the mood alive and the romance too that you created with the roses yesterday. You may go for a stroll, take your partner for a long drive or simply hang out together at canteen. But keep the moments intimate, special. Make sure your partner knows you are watching him/her, and appreciate their presence. Give it time for the warmth to flow and then get on your knees to propose... For sure the answer will be a big YES.

February 9 Chocolate Day:

Chocolate Day What can be sweet than scintillating chocolates to start off your relationship? And with Valentine’s Day round the corner, chocolates given today can add a lot of sugar and spice to your relationship. Yes you may want to give chocolates again on February 14th; but today is the time to take your relationship to the next level.

Grab some exotic chocolates for the occasion, maybe even little heart-shaped ones. Next get some wine or simply head out together, somewhere alone. It could be the sunset point in your college, or a walk by the beach. Use the time to talk to each other, as you relish on the sensual chocolates. There are many varied chocolates available now, get one meant for Valentine’s and your experience will be satisfactory. Even for the shy one’s Chocolate day will be a right time to get cuddly and love each other some more.

Chocolates are meant to soothe you and also attract you to your partner, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, it is right to celebrate your love this way.

February 10 Teddy Day:

Teddy Day Now is the time to pamper your lady love. And a nice. big, soft, cuddly Teddy bear is the right gift. It brings out the child in your partner, and she will thank you for this lovely gift. Better still she will think of you, remember you with love whenever she is with the teddy – most girls love to cuddle their teddy to sleep.

Teddy day marks the begging of a loving relationship, based on attraction and love for each other. When you give the gift to your partner you are celebrating her love for soft toys. It brings a warmth and closeness to your relationship. Use the teddy day well, with the right gift. It need not be the most expensive, large teddy bear. It should rather be more thoughtful and sentimental gift. So for your lady love, you can get a big teddy or even a small one that fits in her bag maybe? Better still give her a teddy key chain as a constant reminder of you.

Whatever gift you choose the Teddy Day is a definite must for those who are looking to awe their sweetheart, in this Valentine’s Day.

February 11 Promise Day:

Promise Day The time to cherish and promise the best for your partner. : Promise day seals your relationship... forever. It is a promise you make, to keep your love safe, happy and in good spirits. Not for today or tomorrow, but forever.

The promise can be made very simply – with a small note, a wrist band or anything else that fancies you. It can also be made by a love letter, to be kept forever. Use the promise day to let your partner know how much you love her, and to say that this love will last forever.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Promise Day is important to strengthen your relationship and to cement your bond forever. Go ahead express your love freely, without any fear of rejection or any fear of being ridiculed. And then promise to safeguard this love, now and forever.

The Promise Day is placed well in Valentine week, as you celebrate your love together; this is a silent promise to keep the flame glowing for a long time to come.

February 12 Hug Day:

Hug Day No matter what you say and how you say, a hug can make all things right. For your love a warm hug can mean one thing, and a close tight grip feels another. Two days before Valentine’s Day, Hug Day is the time when you take your relationship to the next level. That of intimate closeness and a bond that only you two share.

So today when you see your partner greet him/her with a nice hug. Let it linger on a bit longer, hold her closer and a bit tight maybe. But let him/her know how great you feel when they are with you. Hug is a very important expression of love; it means to value your partner and to cherish your love for a long, long time.

On this day go ahead, and grab your partner. Surprise them with your affection, and let your love know that he/she means the world to you. The Hug day if used well can be ideal to make your partner beam and feel so lucky to have you in his/her life.

February 13 Kiss Day:

Kiss Day A kiss can mean a lot of things too. And a deep passionate kiss can turn your partner’s moods upside down. On the eve of Valentine’s Day a long drawn kiss is a perfect expression of love.

The Kiss, done slowly and in its full glory is a good way to show your partner how much you love him/her. Make this the day to celebrate your love, to keep the promise you made to further strengthen your relationship. So don’t hesitate and kiss your partner well.

But also do not over indulge, after all a kiss means a lot only when it is done well and kept precise. The kiss day signifies all that you have celebrated together. It is a time to cherish the partner you proposed to, and to ignite the love that you both feel and to take your relationship a step further, in mutual understanding and bonding. The Kiss Day, rightly kept on Valentine’s eve celebrates love in all its glory.

Truly a time to say I Love you, the kiss can mean the world to your partner if done well, and with all honesty.

February 14 Valentine’s Day:

Valentines Day The D-day has arrived and you with your partner are totally in love. Go ahead and celebrate your love, the emotions you feel for each other. Valentine’s Day is for all lovers, and it is right to use this day to show your love that he/she means the world to you. You can celebrate with a small gift, a romantic candle light dinner or just by spending time in each other’s arms.

But having celebrated all the days prior to this, now is the time to really enjoy the wonderful bond that you two share. Not all couples are so happy; neither do all couple over and understand each other so much. So this valentine; make it special, make it romantic and most importantly love and laugh with each other. For more fun and romance, get your partner some lovely gift like candies, love letter, red wine or maybe just sexy lingerie... But whatever you choose, wrap it well, wrap your arms around your partner, say Happy Valentine’s Day and then give the gift. It will be a perfect time with each other.