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Teddy Day SMS and Gifts

After you’ve filled your sweetheart up with chocolate on February 9th, what better way to move on towards Valentine’s Day than with a plush toy on February 10th, Teddy Day

For decades, the soft and cuddly teddy bear has been a symbol of affection for relationships of all kinds, which is what makes it a key part of the lead up to love’s own holiday.

Teddy Day Messages

  1. Baby, you are warm, sweet and cuddly, just like a teddy bear. Here’s wishing you a very happy teddy day.Send SMS
  2. Sun can refuse to shine, romance can go out of rhyme. But sweetheart, there is no denial in the fact that you will always remain mine. Happy teddy day baby.Send SMS
  3. You know why teddy bears do not need hearts? Its because they are already stuffed with so much love. Happy teddy day sweetheart!Send SMS
  4. On this teddy day, I want you to know that you are as cute and as huggable as a teddy. Wishing you a very happy teddy day!Send SMS
  5. I have a place in my heart which is meant only for you. This place can never be filled with anyone else. Happy teddy day my sweetheart!Send SMS
  6. If you were a chocolate, you will be the sweetest one, and if you were a teddy, you will be the cutest one. Happy teddy day baby!Send SMS
  7. You know why this is going to be a happiest year of my life, its because I met you the same year and filled the vacuum of love. Happy teddy day my love!Send SMS

Of course, with so many options to choose from, the toughest thing will probably be selecting the perfect one for your honey. Never fear, though! Here are a few helpful hints for picking something that is neither too big, nor too small, but just right:

Couples Teddy Bear
$ 26.98
Custom Message Teddy Bear
$ 19.98
Embroidered 11" Sherman Holiday Teddy Bear
$ 29.98
Flower Girl Personalized Teddy Bear
$ 19.98
I Love Teddy Bear
$ 26.98
Personalized Bee Mine Teddy Bear
$ 19.98
Personalized Hugs and Kisses Teddy Bear
$ 29.98
Personalized Heart Teddy Bear
$ 32.95
All My Love Ty® Personalized Teddy Bear
$ 32.95
Personalized Boys Teddy Bear by Ty
$ 32.95
Elvis Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear Personalized
$ 45.5
True Love Teddy Bear Tote
$ 24.99

Size Does Matter

You know, it seems like everywhere you go, someone is telling you to go for the most over-the-top display of affection you can – and they’re wrong.

The depth of your feelings for your lover are not a function of how large a teddy bear you can buy, so take some time to consider what they have room for. Is a three-foot-tall stuffed panda really the right option when they live in a small apartment?

Do they already have a large collection your gift will have to fit into? Keep these things in mind as you go on the hunt and you’ll have a better chance of really wowing them when you deliver your purchase.

Know What They Like

Though it is officially Teddy Day, you might take a moment to pause and consider other stuffed animals that are available. If, for example, your sweetie has a fascination with giraffes, you might consider seeing if there is your local store carries some for you to pick from.

The wide variety available thanks to the worldwide web means you can have nearly anything your beloved might want, if you are willing to do some advance planning and a bit of searching around. When you show your love how much you really know them – by grabbing a one-of-a-kind gift instead of a one-size-fits-all present – you will have shown the whole world how good the two of you are together.

Think Outside the Box

You know, times are tough for a lot of people thanks to the shaky economy. Going out to purchase several gifts as part of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day might stretch the limits of your budget.

Now, let’s be honest, the main event on February 14th is what matters most, so getting creative with the holidays before it will leave you with more to spend. One way to do this is take advantage of the expansion of technology into the palms of our hands. Send a picture message of a teddy bear (or a dozen, if you like) to let your beloved you are thinking of them.

Artists might choose to paint a picture or create something out of construction paper. There is no law that says you have to go buy something in order to express your feelings, so take some time to figure out how you can best use your talents to make an inexpensive, from-the-heart item. You might be surprised at the jealousy that pops up when others see how thoughtful you are.