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Valentine Symbols

There is no denying the fact that, after the anniversary celebrations there is no other day that merits as much celebration and anticipation as Valentine's Day. Being in love is a lovely feeling, when two hearts come together to be joined as one, it's as if the universe has spoken and made a choice of bliss and happiness for you. On the occasion of Valentine's Day why not try to make the day even more special and unique; you can incorporate valentine symbols in your plans for celebration and make the event even more special and meaningful.

To guide you through the various symbols of Valentine's Day we have for you Valentine Symbols, that will help you in incorporating them and make your Valentine's Day celebration truly unique and special. Go ahead and scroll through, we are sure that this special gesture will make your loved one feel special, and make him/her love your even more.


Romantic Valentine Symbols


Cupid—Perhaps the most well-known symbol around that there is, is the Roman God of Love. Cupid is represented by a baby holding a bow and and a quiver full of arrows. Hailed as the son of the goddess of Love Venus, Cupid symbolizes, passion and love that is not only tender but also playful. Earlier represented with the symbol of a handsome man, the Victorian age, saw the transformation of him into a cherubic baby, who would shoot the arrows of love at men and women and make them fall in love. The inevitability and suddenness of love is represented in him.

Hearts--A red or a pink heart is the universal symbol of love, add to it an arrow piercing through and you will have found the perfect symbol that is found on almost every Valentine's Day merchandise there is. In the earlier times it was believed that the heart is the seat of love in the human body and that makes it most special. The Heart and the arrow symbolize Love and also the vulnerability associated with it, for even though we might love someone dearly, there are times when we might not be loved back in return.

Red Rose: The Red rose is perhaps the most widely offered gift on Valentine's Day. Representing the depth of passion that runs through our blood when in love, the red rose is the perfect symbol of love. Another interesting story behind the origin of the word rose is that of it being an anagram of the word Eros who is the god of love and the Greek counterpart of the Roman Cupid. Hence roses symbolize all the precious emotion one feel in the varied spectrum of love.

Love Birds: It is an old held belief that on Valentine's Day birds would find their mates who would stay together lifelong. Much like the doves there do exist other birds in the wild who compound the everlasting nature of love and in many Medieval and Elizabethan texts one can find reference to Valentine's Day as the day when birds try to find their lifelong mates.  


Dolphins and Swans:It is believed in Greek Mythology that Aphrodite the goddess of love took the form of Dolphins and hence the delightful dolphins are looked upon as the symbol of love and its grandeur. Even the iconic image of two white swans facing each other to make a heart symbol is closely associated to love and defines grace and elegance. The Christian texts equate the purity of the Holy Virgin being akin to that of a Swan, hence the sending of Swan images to your beloved is an expression of love that is pure and not corrupted by the desires of the flesh.

Horse :In Greek Mythology, the goddess of fertility, Persephone was besotted with a horse, whom she thought to be a magnificent creature. That being true horses represent strength and steadfastness. Even in the realm of the Chinese Zodiac Cycle, horses have a special place as they are considered to be one of the strongest creatures to walk the earth. So if someone gifts you a horse related memento, it signifies, lifelong devotion and loyalty that will be your anchor through the storm.

Love Notes: The popularity of love notes traces its origins back to the Lupercalia festivals of Rome, which has been passed down and popularized in popular culture eventually when the first valentine's day card as we know it found its form in the 1800s. The commercial production of Love notes made them accessible to all, hence Love notes are quite a popular symbol of love so to say.