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Rose Day SMS and Messages

Rose Day With love’s own holiday looming on the horizon, what better way to gear up for Valentine’s Day than by starting with the simplest of flowers on February 7th – Rose Day to people all over the world.

As the rich fragrance of the bright blossoms fills the air in shops and megastores everywhere, you might be left wondering which is the proper one to choose for your particular loved one.

Though you see the deep red variety most often, were you aware there specific meanings for each shade that make one more appropriate than the rest?

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Rose Day Messages

  1. A rose itself carries thousands of emotions and says almost everything you wish to convey to your partner. So while presenting her a bunch of roses on this rose day, send one of these messages and make sure she smiles brighter than ever.
  2. The rose that I am presenting you is not just a symbol of my love. It depicts my faithfulness, honesty and respect towards you. Happy rose day sweetheart!
  3. On this rose day, I want to confess something while presenting you a bunch of red roses. These roses are nothing in front of your natural beauty. Your glow overpowers everything.
  4. Every bird cannot dance but peacock can do it. Likewise, every flower cannot express love, but rose can prove it. Happy rose day baby!
  5. Baby, my days and nights are spent thinking of you. All i want is to be by your side and enter a new phase of life which is entirely new. Happy rose day baby!
  6. Believe me, you are the one whom my heart finds, whom my mind reminds, whom my destiny wants and whom i love the most. Happy rose day darling!
  7. These roses aren’t as red as your cheeks. Sweetheart, your beauty can beat all the roses of this world. Love you forever!
  8. Darling, there is something about the way you look at me, the walk, the way you talk and the way you smile. I am totally bowled over by you! Happy rose day my love!
  9. A rose speaks of love silently, this language is only known to the heart! Happy rose day sweetheart!
  10. There may be many flowers in the garden, but there is only one rose. You are that one rose in my life. Happy rose day sweety!
  11. Your beauty, your innocence and your purity, reminds me of a rose. Here's wishing you a very happy rose day my darling.
  12. Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. Happy rose day sweetheart!
Before you go shopping, check out this handy guide below to grab the right color:


The classic color we all associate with the flower is best known as the hue of love – hence it fits into the motif surrounding Valentine’s Day so well.

However, it is also known as a symbol of beauty, courage and respect, making it appropriate as a general way to honor someone you are in a relationship with while also showing admiration for those who have passed on.


The second-most popular color, this is frequently associated with purity thanks to the unblemished petals blossoming from the stem. That said, its innocence can be lost if you are looking to hide a forbidden love – it is connected to silence and secrecy, too.

Unlike most other shades, white roses are frequently combined with red ones as a nod to unity, such as between engaged or married couples.


The fact of the matter, when it comes to this shade of flower, is that there are light and dark varieties that can confuse both the giver and recipient. Do you wish to show your appreciation?

Then you will want to select something with a deeper tint of pink. Are you in the mood to show sympathy? Go with a lighter hue, just as you would if you are hoping to display admiration for the individual you are giving the bouquet to.


When you are reaching out to a cherished friend on Rose Day, you’ll definitely want to make sure you pick one in this shade. Known everywhere to symbolize the kind of close relationships that develop between people, it can also reflect joy and gladness – things that result from friendships, too!

In some cases, though, the bright color is connected with the hope of a new beginning, with the golden petals resembling the bright rays of sunshine found as dawn breaks on a new day.


Have a new love? Looking to rekindle your romance? Pick the color of fire! Representing desire and enthusiasm, this hue is a great choice to help stoke the embers of a relationship.

As you hand them off to your lover, you can begin to describe all the ways he or she makes the fires of your heart burn out of control. 

Once you get the ball rolling, pulses are sure to quicken and it won’t be long before you remember the euphoria of those heady days when you first got together.