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Kiss Day SMS and Gifts - 13th February

It's said that the decision to kiss someone for the first time is crucial in any love story. The week before the Valentine's Day is spent in gifting chocolates, teddy bears, and roses before the Kiss Day arrives on February 13.

Sure, you’ll probably want to have plenty of lip-locks on Valentine’s Day, but there are other things to focus on. There are more than a few ways to go about kissing your lover, but on the Kiss Day, it’s important to do it right.

When it comes to the day dedicated to the smooch, here are a few tips and tricks to help you augment the romantic moments.

  1. In my every single kiss, you can take the hint about how much i love you. Wishing you a very happy kiss day sweetheart!

  2. One day you will kiss a man without whom you can’t breathe. On the occasion of kiss day, i want to confess, you are that ONE special guy for me!

  3. I love the way you kiss me on my cheek softly. It just takes me to another world. Happy kiss day sweetheart!

  4. A kiss is a lovely trick of nature, which works best when you go out of words! Happy kiss day to all love struck couples!

  5. If you are dying to breathe, baby, just make me your oxygen! I love you!

  6. Hey, i wasn’t kissing you, i was just telling a secret to your lips. By the way, happy kiss day baby!

  7. Baby, our love will be considered as complete when we will let our lips meet! Let us complete our love on this kiss day!

  8. I want a kiss which is smooth, warm, sensual and passionate! Happy kiss day sweetheart!

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Pick the Right Location

You might be thinking, “Isn’t the best spot on the lips?” Well, of course it is, but you want to think about where you’re standing, too! Do you have some special places from your history together that you’d like to stop by?

Maybe you remember where your first kiss was and would like to re-create it (without all the awkwardness this time). Or, if you know of a particularly beautiful spot where you live, you might be able to have a new romantic memory to add to the rest.

Be Sure Your Breath Smells Nice

It sounds like such an easy thing to change, but that’s exactly why people often forget. If you are planning to go out to dinner ahead of time, either order something that’s fairly neutral (say, easy on the onions and garlic) or pick a sweet treat for dessert to cover up the main course.

If all else fails, you can pop a piece of gum to change things up. Depending on how long you’ve been together, this might not be something to worry about, but it’s a considerate touch nonetheless.

Everything Starts with Your Eyes

When the moment arrives, take an extra split-second to gaze deeply in your lover’s eyes. You may lead up to the smooch with some words about your devotion to the person who holds your heart, but pausing before you lean in allows you to heighten the romance.

Think about it: every time the main actor and leading lady are about to seal something with a kiss, there’s a little bit of time where they lock in on each other. It’s one of those small ways to show how much the moment means to you, which is crucial when you are with someone you care about so much.

Don’t Settle For One

Yes, it’s called “Kiss Day” but that doesn’t mean you have to stop when you get the first liplock in. Why not turn it into a fun way to spend a day? See which of you can come up with the most creative way to sneak up and plant one on the other.

Try to spend five minutes without touching each other at all except on the lips. Blindfold your sweetheart and take a bite of chocolate or fruit to play a fun guessing game. Whatever you do, make sure you get plenty of kisses in – that’s what February 13th is all about!