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Sweet and Sexy V-Day Ideas

What are you going to do to make your loved one feel special this Valentine’s Day? It may seem a bit overwhelming, but looking up a few sweet and sexy V-Day ideas can help you make them realize how much they mean to you on February 14th.


The fact of the matter is, you don’t have to spend everything you have or create a massive monument dedicated to your sweetheart, you just need to do your best to express the feelings of your heart clearly. Wondering how to do so? Here are a few suggestions:


Send Flirty Text Messages

In the old days, you had to go through the painful process of grabbing a pen to scribble out line after line of romantic prose to tell your lover how you felt.


Thanks to the spread of technology, you can now do it 160 characters at a time from the comfort of your mobile phone. The best way to do so is to take time throughout the day to send a quick message – as sappy or steamy as you like – to let them know you are thinking about them.


Say It With Silence

Everyone likes to hear “I love you,” but why not let them see it? Find ways to inject those three magic words into their day – spell it out with sticky notes at the office, write it on the windows of the car. The bottom line is, you want to put it where everyone will see how much you care.


So long as it isn’t too embarrassing to them (you might not want to make T-shirts with their high school yearbook photo, for instance) you will have given them the opportunity to be publicly acknowledged as the object of your sincerest affections.


Sing Along

Let’s face it, there are cases when being humiliated can be a good thing – that is, when it’s you who are on the receiving end for the sake of a laugh by your dearest one.


In this case, you’ll want to put aside all that makes you feel self-conscious and find a way to belt out a love song in a public way. You may be afraid to do so, but think about how far your willingness to feel mortified will go toward showing the depth of your feelings.


At the very least, you might pull a page from John Cusack in Say Anything and play the tune at high volume so everyone can see who you are staring at.


Get Some Sweets for Your Sweet

OK, giving your lover a delicious treat on Valentine’s Day is probably one of the biggest clichés around. There are all sorts of heart-shaped chocolate boxes out there and plenty of other candy varieties, but the best thing to do is ignore them altogether and make sure your sweetheart’s favorite is on the table after dinner.


This may mean a little bit of running around to secure an oddly-named confection or some work in the kitchen baking a cherished dessert, yet the look on his or her face will be well worth it in the end.


Like anything else, it will show your attention to the smallest things about them, a big key as your relationship goes forward.

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