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Perfect Valentine's Day Mood Setters

The most important part of any celebration or event is setting the right mood for the occasion. Perfect Valentine's Day mood setters would be a combination of things that you and your lover are highly fond of as these would create an environment that would exude love and romance on the special day.

Valentine's Day mood setters may vary from room decorations, surprise gifts, to luxuries that the couple chooses to indulge in before or on the Valentine's Day. These 14 February mood setters can actually make a lot of difference and add color to your celebration.

Incase you are planning to use a Valentine's Daymood setter, you must first be clear about the type of mood you wish to create; should it be a playful one, emotional, funny or a combination of all these? Here are a few popular romantic mood setters that couples opt for during Valentine's Day.

Top Valentine's Day Mood Setters

  • 1. Aromatherapy or couple massages

A perfect way to set the mood this Valentine's Day is by rejuvenating your lover's senses! You both can be a part of special couple massages that many spa centers offer during Valentine's Day. Opt for this luxury a day before the Valentine's Day.


  • 2. Call each other with cute nicknames

A cute nickname can be a great mood setter before Valentine's Day. You can give a special name to the special person in your life just few days before the celebration. These may be annoying initially but later on they will definitely be fun. Honey, baby and darling are common. Can you think of something new?


  • 3. Decorating the room

Spread love all around you. Decorate your bedroom in the most romantic and contemporary way. Christmas lights can be reused if there are red dim ones. You can hang them around the house. Candle lights are all time hit. Reserve them especially for the night and dinner time.


  • 4. Arrange fresh flowers

Flowers are among the perfect romantic Valentine's Day mood setters. Whether you want to send bouquets to your lover a week before Valentine's Day or on the very day, flowers exude a lot of romantic essence. They are also a cheap and reasonable way of decorating the bedroom. A simple arrangement of fresh colorful flowers can be enough to set your lover's mood.


  • 5. Balloons

Balloons are a part of the funny Valentine's Day mood setters. This enlivens the child in you and you both might get involved in a romantic scuffle of bursting the balloons around the house. It will also leave you with enough moments of fun and enjoyment. Opting for balloons that have 'I love you' printed on them is even better.

Dinning mood setters for Valentine's Day

Setting the dinner table is also an art that you need to master to create a romantic fervor. Here's how you should set the table for a romantic dinner on the special day.  

  1. Use red or plain white satin sheets on the table.
  2. Play your favorite romantic music in the background and dance a little while before you sit to eat.
  3. It is also a good idea to cook your sweetheart's favorite cuisine. You are lucky if your beloved is a professional chef!

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