Top 10 Valentine Day Party Ideas

It’s Valentine’s Day again, and what better way to celebrate then by throwing a party?

If you are madly in love, extremely in like, or hate the day, there is a way to have an awesome party.

Here are the top 10 Valentine Day party ideas to help get you started.

1. True Love, a Couple’s Party
This is a party only for couples! It may seem a little exclusive, but this day is all about romance, and what better way to celebrate that then having a party for those in love? Make loved theme foods like heart shaped cookies, give out old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards, and play couple’s games all themed on this, the day of love. You could make it a sit down dinner, a mid-day picnic, or any other style that suits your likes, as long as it stays love themed.

2. Be Mine, A Singles Party
Hey, if those coupled up folks can have a party, why not the single folks too? A no pressure, bring a friend who brings along a friend type of party often works out great as there are plenty of new faces. Mix up some adult drinks like Love spell, Bésame, Love Potion #9, Forbidden love, and other cheeky named concoctions. Put on the cheesy love songs, and be sure to play some ice breaking games. One that is a bit corny but fun is “secret valentine” where a card is written out and delivered by someone else, that talks about why the person is so great, the brave may even include a phone number for a one way blind date! Just remember to keep things light, and avoid the pity party. Your couple friends just may end up jealous that they weren’t allowed to attend.


3. Puppy Love, A Kid’s Valentine Party

Married couple with kids? Why not throw a little Valentine’s party for them and their friends? The type of party you throw will depend on the ages of the kids. For little ones, activities where they get to cut out shapes and make their own cards can be fun, as well as having all types of heart shaped goodies. Middle school aged? It might be time for the first boy/girl party! Make room for dancing, but be sure to have plenty of other activities planned too.


4. Love Sucks, A Un-Valentine Party

Been jilted? Hate the word? Think cupid is stupid? Wish everyone would choke on those little candy love hearts of theirs? Why not throw an Anti-Valentine party? Invite all your single friends NOT looking for Love! Have vases filled with dead flowers, black broken heart shaped cookies, and a playlist of “Love Stinks” like songs. It may be a bit extreme but that is half the fun!


5. Cupid’s Arrow, A Speed Dating Party

Looking for a date before Valentine’s Day is over? How about several? A speed dating party with a cupid theme is a perfect way to find a date, or at least enjoy the night trying. The basic set up would be to have several chairs set up in sets, have all the girls sit down facing an empty chair. Then the host has a “buzzer” and advises the set upon time, be it 5 minutes, 15, you get the idea. When the buzzer goes off the guys get up and move on to the next seat to their left. At the end, have a chart for each person there… if you want to go out simply leave your name and number on their chart. Did you find a match? It must have been cupid!


6. Candy Hearts, A Work Party

Nothing makes the work day go quicker than knowing there will be a party at the end! Keep things PC and work appropriate by limiting the drinks, and inviting significant others. This could be anything from a fancy affair to a potluck depending on the type of business. Be sure there are a lot of sweet treats like red velvet cupcakes, chocolates and of course candy hearts. Cheesy valentine’s decorations are always work-appropriate.


7. Masked Love, A Valentine’s Costume Party

It’s like a little Halloween on Valentine’s Day! Everyone has to come dressed as a famous couple, lover, or the like. If you are single, go as Romeo looking for a Juliet, or for the brave, Don Juan! Couple? Think Adam and Eve, Fred and Wilma, a gangster and his moll. Be creative, and have prizes for best costumes as well as prizes for scariest, cutest, and the like.


8. The One’s I Really Love, A Girls Night Party

Why make the day only about the guys in your life? Spare some time for the girls you love too, by spending at least part of the day with your best girlfriends! Have a lingerie party, go out for drinks, have a romantic movie night, do a romantic food cook off, or sing karaoke love songs all night. The point is to have a little love themed fun with your best pals.


9. A Dozen Roses, A Party for Two

After all this day was meant for love! Put up the decorations, have the boxes of chocolate, the roses, the whole shebang! How about a little fondue and a romantic music? How about a hot chocolate bath for two, including marshmallows? Play some naughty couple’s games and the evening is sure to be the best party ever! Celebrate the day of love with a party just for the two of you.


10. Be creative!

Have another scenario that works with your group of friends? Want to do a LGBT Cupid Party? How about an overnight red hearts pajama party for the night owls? A love-movie marathon for the movie buffs? Whatever you are into, find a way to add a little love and make it a great Valentine’s Day party!


Use these top 10 Valentine Day party ideas to make this year the best Valentine’s Day ever. No matter what stage of life, coupled, single, or with kids, there is a way to throw a fabulous party and enjoy the day of love. 

Ideas for School Valentine's Party

1. Decorate The School With Heart Shaped Materials
Kids love to engage in decoration and no celebration of Valentine’s school party can be complete without asking them to adorn their school or classrooms with the best materials. Keep a color code for decoration and ask children to use red or white colored decorative items to give their school the right festive look on Valentine’s Day. Provide school kids with heart shaped balloons and heart shaped ribbons to spruce up the place.

2. Plan enjoyable activities
When planning a School Valentine’s Day party, you will have to keep in mind several things. The foremost important among them is the activities that will keep the children busy. You will have to first consider the strength of a class to determine the playful activities that can be set up for keeping the students busy. Age is also an important determinant factor in deciding the activities that can be set up on Valentine’s Day to engage the kids and make them enjoy the day. Decide on activities that will help kids realize the importance of spreading love on the day of Valentine’s Day.

3. Engage Kids in Craft-making of Love Symbols
Kids love it when they are involved in some kind of craft activities. You can ask children to come up with best crafts of love symbols like heart-shaped kites or love candies on Valentine’s Day. Sugar cookies are something that most kids would love to make and decorate and it is one of those craft making activities that will keep them engaged for hours. However, it is best to arrange all the materials way in advance for the preparation of crafted love symbols. Paper flowers from tissues in heart shape would also be a good craft that kids can make on Valentine’s Day. It will be fun to see the different kinds of interesting and creative crafts that children come up with on this special day.

4. Love Games
Can Valentine’s Day celebration ever remain complete in a school without arranging for love games? Kids would love it if you introduce them to new and interesting games that are centered on the topic of love. You can keep a game where the children of the school has to play the game of accumulating maximum number of love hearts in their plate from the plate adjacent to it using chopsticks or games that require building a tall tower by piling one heart shaped coin on top of other in the fastest time possible.

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