Valentine Game Ideas for Kids and Adults

Valentine's Day is a very special moment for all and it is a day to celebrate love and kindness. You can make your celebration even more exciting and rocking with some cool Valentine game ideas. In fact, games are an integral part of any party.


So how can this year's Valentine's Day party be complete with enjoying some fun Valentine's Day games? Apart from amusing and entertaining the guests, these are also an excellent ice-breaker among the party people. When it comes to Valentine game ideas, there are plenty of choices that you can consider. However, you must keep in mind the age of the guests who are going to join the party. This is because kids Valentine game ideas are certainly different from adult Valentine game ideas. So, plan accordingly.

Following are some very exciting Valentine's Day games that you might indulge to make the celebration even more stimulating:

Kids Valentine Games

  1. Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar Game

This is a very interesting fun game for the kids. And you can arrange the game very easily. Just you need to buy a bag of Hershey's Chocolate Hug Candies and a bag of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses. Mix up all these and put them in a large clear glass bowl or jar. Your preparation is done. Now during the party, ask all the children to write his/her name on a piece of paper as well as their idea about how many pieces of candy are there in the jar. The child who will be closest to the actual number wins the competition. He/she will get the jar of Valentine candy.

  1. Steal My Heart Game

This is yet another very exciting Valentine game idea for the kids. Buy large bags of Valentine candy conversation hearts and put them in a large bowl and place the bowl at the center of the room. Now, give a set of chopsticks to every child and ask them to 'steal' as many hearts as possible from the big bowl. But they have to do it only with the chopsticks - NO HANDS. There should be some time duration like 3 minutes. The child with maximum number of hearts will be the winner.
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Adult Valentine game Ideas

  1. Propose Your Partner

This is one of the most popular Valentine game ideas for adults. Request the invitees of the party to gather at a single place. All the girls should be on one side and the boys on the other. Tell all the participants to be expressive and show a gregarious attitude. And the game also needs to be taken in a sporty manner. Make chits of names of the girls and the guys present in the party. Keep two different bowls one for boys and one for girls. Put all those names accordingly. Ask the boys to pick up one chit from the girls' bowl and vice versa. Now the boy or the girl has to propose the person whose name is on the chit.

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There are many other games such as Lovers Lifesaver Relay, Suck & Blow Valentine Card Game, Romantic Love Scrabble, Mending A Broken Heart Game, Cupid Bingo, etc.

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