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Valentine's Day Ideas for a New Relationship/ 'V'day ideas 2014 for fresh and glowing relationships

If you have just entered into a relationship with some one, there are chances that you will feel awkward celebrating the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Most new couples are clueless and feel weird on celebrating the day of love as they are still new to each other and have not become intimate to share a comfort zone like the others.

You have to tread with great caution to ensure that any of your actions or words does not end up spoiling your new relationship on the day of love. Valentine's Day ideas for a new relationship will come to your rescue to help you feel confident and free of insecurities when you intend to celebrate the new found love on the special day.

Avoid showing signs of desperation

It is still early days in your relationship and it might be foolish to do something out of your bounds for your new person as it might be taken as a sign of desperation.

Limit yourself in overdoing things that are uncalled for on Valentine’s Day such as shouting out your love from the top of the mountain as it is still fresh and you both need time to gauge each other’s compatibility and interest levels. Be careful as people refrain public display of affection. You and your partner has to take initiatives to see that the Valentine’s Day ends up being one of the most memorable days that will help in carrying forward the relation to the next level.

Discuss Valentine’s Day Plan With Partner

Make a collaborative plan to spend the Valentine’s Day together in advance and discuss with your partner on how you both can spend a good time together in knowing each other. Make sure the Valentine’s Day special is not a surprise and as per convenience of the new love partner. If you are just one-date old and the date has taken just a few days before Valentine then you can discuss your plan for the special day.

Gift Something Safe And Simple

Choosing a perfect gift for a person with whom you have spent very little time can be a tricky task, especially for a valentine before whom you have not whispered the three letter words. Pick up a gift that will show your care and interest in taking the relationship forward if you want to be more intimate. However, it is best to avoid picking up gifts that are too flashy or eye pricking since feelings may not be certain. It may not be right to splurge on expensive gifts just yet as your relationship is still at an early stage and you have no clue how it will shape up in the future. Go for simple yet beautiful and safe gifts such as bunch of flowers, a Valentine’s Day card, perfume bottle and chocolate basket among others.

Avoid keeping Valentine’s Day Plan A Surprise

Plan out the Valentine’s Day in the way in which you both would like to spend it. Rather than keeping the plan as surprise, it is better to discuss the time, place and activities that you both can go in for to celebrate the day of love.

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