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Valentines Day Ideas for Her

Finding the right gift for your woman needs a well thought out decision. Before every Valentine’s Day, you think of gifting your love something that’s unique and lovable at the same time. Moreover, you can’t be too predictable. It’s important that you know her likes and dislikes, what colors she prefer, what brands she is fond of, and so on.

Before you start looking for Valentine's Day ideas for her, remember that it’s the little things that make a woman happy. So, you have to think outside the box before you splurge on something your lady love will never put on. Jewelry is never a bad idea, but there is something more beyond it. Here are some ideas that you can count on if you want to show her how much you care without being too predictable:

shoes Well, maybe this isn’t all that surprising, as everyone knows how much women love a new pair of heels or the perfect complement to a dress they love – but it doesn’t have to be! If you notice she has worn out her running shoes, sneak in to see what size she wears before hitting up your local sporting goods store. This is a great way to support her exercise habit and demonstrate you pay attention to her health and sense of style. If you have some knowledge about sportswear, even better! You’ll be able to pick out some that have excellent cushioning as well as her favourite shade of green.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Ballroom dancing lessons There are few things in this world quite as romantic as pulling her close and swaying your hips to a vibrant salsa rhythm. Giving her a few sessions with a local school pays dividends long beyond Valentine’s Day itself, ensuring you will have plenty more time together away from all the distractions modern life provides, thus enjoying dancing lessons always. As you begin searching, you will probably find there are all sorts of options out there, so you might opt for a beginner’s class that teaches you several different techniques with the promise you’ll focus on something she likes after the first three or four classes.

A Great Table
A great table One of the toughest things to do when planning for a night out is to make sure you get the best spot which allows privacy and cool ambiance to speak out heart. If you spend most of your dates waiting for seats at the hottest restaurant in town, why not go the extra mile and reach out to schedule your next trip well in advance. Imagine her surprise when you breeze through the doors and the whisks you to the spot with the great view! This may take some phone calls to set up everything, but she will love the fact you went the extra mile to make your evening together special.

Jewellery Though you might guess this would be near the top of the list, there are plenty of options that don’t involve a trip to your local diamond mine for a stone the size of a golf ball. In fact, in this case, just the opposite would be expected. Find a local artist that makes custom pieces – beaded bracelets, for example, are popular these days – and have him or her craft something unique for your special lady. You might give them a little guidance as to shape (say, a butterfly) and colors she wears often, then check back to see how it’s coming. Just be sure to order it well in advance, as quality workmanship often takes a little extra time to get the exuberant piece ready.

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Romantic Valentine's day Ideas For Her

Romantic Valentine ideas When love is in the air, give a way to your deepest feelings. Express your love for your beloved in the most romantic ways with the help of our romantic valentine ideas.
  1. Make a collage with photos of some of your most memorable moments. Write a note with each photo. Gift this personalized collage to your beloved and propose her for being your valentine for the rest of your life.

  2. Bake a special Valentine’s Day cake for your girlfriend. Invite her over and propose her while getting the cake cut by her.

  3. Girls love diamonds. So, if you afford, propose your girlfriend with a diamond ring.

  4. Dedicate one complete day to your girl as spending time knits everything. Take her shopping, dine at the restaurants she likes, watch the sunset with her and tell her, "This valentine was the most beautiful day of my life because of the presence of the most beautiful lady of my life. Promise me that you will be my valentine for the rest of my life."

  5. Send her a big bunch of red roses. On each rose have a small card with a personalized message on it. After an hour's time, send her a cake and a proposal in the red wine or Champagne bottle. Call her and propose her for being your valentine for the rest of your life.

Cute Valentines Day Ideas for Her

Cute Valentines Day Ideas for Her
  1. "Girl's just can't resist soft toys.....the more the better .....so this valentine's day .....say it with a soft-cushy-cute-n-cuddly teddy bear (in pink ofcourse)......Happy valentine's day!"

  2. "Arrange a dinner for two on your house's roof top! With Fine Wine/Champagne.....home cooked pasta in White/Red sauce....whatever your choice.....make it special with candles!!"

  3. "Celebrate this Valentine's Day by taking your lover to the most romantic restaurant of the town which offers great food with customized service to supplement your private plans. Plan it as a surprise for her. Have a candle light dinner arranged on the terrace of that restaurant. Get it decorated with heart shaped balloons. Provide the restaurant people with a list of romantic songs which are your beloved's favourite to be played during the date. As you dine, all of a sudden go down on your knees and propose your love to your darling or show decent affection."

  4. "Throw a small party. Raise a toast to your girlfriend and propose her for being your valentine on this Valentine's Day and for every Valentine's Day to come."

  5. "You can celebrate this valentine's day by taking your valentine to a nice romantic beach. Watch the sunset together and fall in love all over again in the lap of nature. As the sun goes down, whisper in your beloved's ear the 3 magical words."

Unique Valentines Ideas for Her

Unique Valentines Ideas for Her
  1. "Most of us have saved up our first RED ROSE.....this valentine ...frame it n gift it to ur loved one with a message (hidden as a surprise at the back)!!!"

  2. "Dress yourself up in your wedding attire....and welcome him home in style! you can also play a cd of your all time classic love songs and ball dance to their tune all night......simply blissfull!! "

  3. "COMPOSE A PLAYLIST OF YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE SONGS.....play them and ball-dance to their tune to enjoy the evening.....drink some wine and order food from the nearest restuarant......an evening to remember!"

  4. "Take you valentine in a hot air balloon. When the balloon in up in the sky, shout out your beloved's name and say ?I love you? to him/her. Finally propose your valentine to be yours forever."

  5. "Pamper your sweetheart by gifting her a spa session."

Valentine's Day Ideas for Girlfriend

Valentine's Day Ideas for Girlfriend When love enters your life, you know that nothing is ever going to be the same again and that having your one true love by your side makes up for everything that one could possibly desire. Love is something that makes the world seem much more beautiful and having someone whom you can share this beauty with, is an unparalleled feeling. Everyone yearns for that special someone who understands you and can fill your life with happiness and support that you were looking for. When you finally do find that person, make sure that you love her and cherish her, make her feel like she is the queen of your life.

To help you in doing just that, we have for you "Valentine's Day Ideas for Girlfriend".Make this day, this year, about her, by showering her with love and attention! She will surely love you more, if you make her feel special and will make you even happier than she already does.
  1. Have you tried sending flowers to her office? If not, then try this gesture this Valentine’s Day. It will really flatter her. When she receives them, you instantly touch her heart by making her feel special and loved. You never know, she might surprise you with something even more romantic in return.
  2. Make the occasion as special as you can, try to start the day perfectly in the best way that you can, surprise your girlfriend with a breakfast in bed, she is sure to love you even more for it. Set up a nice environment for it, try to decorate the home in the valentine theme, using heart shaped objects or the colours red, white and pink.

  3. The day is a special one so everything should be done properly with love, you can try to spend some outdoor time together, be it indulging in physical activities like sports which can be done by couples. You can also indulge in a couple's spa session, which will leave you rejuvenated and invigorated for the day.

  4. Fix a romantic date, wherein you have all the fun with candlelit dinners, romantic music and all the jazz. You should both make an effort to dress up spectacularly, make it a formal occasion. Nothing is a more of a mood setter than your lover and you being dressed to the nines and having a good time.

  5. You can even go out dancing later, the intimacy of a close dance together is sure to send the sparks flying. For those of you who want to take the relationship a step further, there is no better a day and no better an occasion than Valentine's Day to celebrate love.

  6. Another good idea is to snuggle at home, watch a romantic movie together, home time is something that each couple can appreciate, the comfort that there is of your own little world is something that is unparalleled otherwise.

  7. You know what she likes, so get her something that she will appreciate; it could be a piece of jewelry or an accessory. For the naughtier ones, you can gift her lingerie. There is yet to be a woman who does not like the little pampering, so anything that you will sincerely gift her is sure to make her feel delighted. If you're not sure about what to gift her, then you can always ask her girlfriends; they are bound to know what you should get her.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Wife

Your wife is your better half and the one who will always be there by your side no matter what. When you do have such a lovely women, who loves you and takes care of you, it is but necessary that you respect her for what she is. To help you in making this Valentine's Day really worth it, we have for you "Valentine's Day ideas for wife." Make your wife feel loved and special; she deserves every ounce of the love and attention that you will shower on her.

She is the one woman, who is going to hold your hand every step along the way and ensure that she takes care of everything for you. With the help of our ideas, we are sure that she is going to love you even more for being that caring husband who truly values his wife, and that is something that is cherished and coveted in a marriage. So just scroll down and ensure that you both have a lovely Valentine's Day.
  1. If you want to surprise your wife this valentine’s day, take out time to write romantic letter to her. Take her to one of your favorite restaurants and then to a nice wine bar. Just when you two have started talking love, give her the letter and watch her reaction. She would not only feel overwhelmed but she will also crave for a hug.
  2. Being married has its perks, you know your better half knows you inside out and know what she likes and dislikes, one of the best things to do is to gift her something that she has had her eyes on for a long time, there is no way that she will not love it. This will reflect your thoughtfulness for the lady. It could be jewelry, a dress, a pair of shoes anything. You need to be attentive for that though, for in conversation she might have fogotton what she wants. In case this is not so, then you can create an assorted basket of gifts that are sure to please her as well.

  3. For those women who love to travel, there can be nothing better than a getaway, make plans ahead and book a tour package to a romantic destination. Make her experience new things and she is bound to love you for it. There is no way that a woman can resist the charm of a little holiday love.

  4. To spice things up, you can book a hotel room; a change of setting often does wonders. Go big and take her out for a candlelit dinner, if romantic movies have taught you anything, the setting and the ambience are enough to make a woman's heart melt. You can dazzle up the evening by going to the suite rather than a home.

  5. For those who love the comfort of their home, a good idea is for you to cook dinner and set up a romantic setting complete with decoration and music. Make her dress up for the occasion and have a lovely time together. Later you can snuggle up to all the romantic movies that befit the occasion. Pamper her as much as you can, make the day entirely about her, book her for spa sessions, take her for a shopping spree, give her surprise gifts, and she is bound to have fondest memories of the day. You can even try to recreate your first date, there is no way that any woman can ignore and not love the sweetness of this gesture.

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