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Valentines Day Ideas for Friends

No doubt, Valentine day is exclusively meant for love couples but if you want you can spend the day with your friends and loved ones as well.

Especially for those, who are not yet engaged or have recently broken up, the concept of spending the day with friends can be rocking as well as exciting. Here are few ideas to choose from:
  • 1. List the friends with whom you wish to spend the day. Purchase small gifts for each of them and once you all gather at a place, hand them over to them. Write small notes that describe their contribution and importance in your life and stick them on the gifts. Enjoy the togetherness of your well wishers with food and drinks.

  • 2. Call all your buddies at a coffee lounge or a restaurant on V-Day. Treat them with delicious snacks or a lavish dinner depending on your pocket. Talk to the authorities to reserve a special area for the celebration. The place can be decorated with red and white balloons, candles and yellow roses, which are the hallmark of pure friendship.

  • 3. You can throw a party at your home with the "V-Day" theme. As chocolates are the essence of the day, you can keep them as the main ingredient for the edibles served in the party. Offer chocolate liquors instead of wine and try to add the flavor in almost all desserts in the menu. Rock the party with dance and music and enjoy to the fullest.

  • 4. Plan a group vacation with all your pals on the Valentine weekend. Choose a destination where a lot of sight seeing is possible so that you can enjoy every moment of togetherness with your dear friends. See to it that the place has proper arrangement of food and the stay is comfortable for all.

  • 5. You can also plan a barbeque party in your garden on the special day with your friends. If possible call their spouses and kids also to add more color to the celebration. Recollect the sweet memories of the time spent together and raise toast in the name of everlasting relation between you all.

  • 6. If party ideas at home or a get together at a restaurant does not seem possible for some reason, you can send cards with some lovely poems/verses written on them to all your friends on the special occasion of Valentine's Day. Make sure they reach all your friends before the day ends. You can also collect numbers of all your pals and give them a call one by one on V-Day. Wish them good luck. If they are single, pray that they get their soul mates this year. Ask them to pray the same for you as well.

  • 7. Prepare small Valentine Goodie bags, containing their favorite items, for each of your friends and leave a note of appreciation on all the bags before you gift them. In addition to the special gift items, you may fill them with chocolates that symbolize the true essence of V-Day!

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