Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Explore Valentine's Day date ideas to turn your romantic day passionate. Movies, dinners and disco nights are very common. Most of these places are over crowded on Valentine's Day and you don't get privacy to enjoy together.


Think of something unusual and plan the entire day together. You can always spend time with your sweetheart by indulging into different activities and by visiting unique places.

Best Dating Ideas - spend your entire day differently

Enjoy trekking - Mountains are one of the most exotic places to visit. Trekking with your beloved can be even more exciting. Pack your bags with some juices, fresh sandwiches, water and towels to experience the up and down while mountaineering. You can plan this with a group of other couples or maybe just enjoy together. You will surely remember this Valentine date forever.

Cook together - Stay home and call your beloved to prepare meals together. Do not confine yourself to popcorns and pastas. Take a cookbook and enjoy making lunch for yourselves. This can be a really thrilling and sensuous experience. Involve your partner in cooking and have fun experiencing the naughty ideas you had in your mind.

Turn the places a little more romantic by trying some chocolate items, whipped cream and strawberries. Make the ambience fragrant by using aromatic incense sticks and turn on soft romantic music. This would be definitely an excellent valentine date idea for both of you.

Go GO-Karting -If you both love adventure and thrill then go-karting would be an ultimate experience for you. Going for Go-karting with your beloved on Valentines Day is a wonderful idea. You can race among each other or with other riders. Explore the enthralling ways of indulging in fun and excitement on your special day.

Hot air balloon trip - Explore the heights of sky and enjoy the view from there. Take your sweetheart to experience the exotic view on your valentine date trip. Arrange a hot air balloon trip and fly with your sweetheart on the beautiful lover's day. This is a perfect valentine date idea to add thrill and excitement to your day.

Volunteer social cause -Why not think of volunteering a social cause and spending the time together this valentine? You can always have pleasure while spending your time in children's welfare association, old age home, save tiger foundation or may be save polar bears. It would really be a splendid valentine date idea to dedicate your one day to the society. You might feel it is quite boring but surely you and your partner will enjoy the kind gesture. You can always have a theme party or other celebrations at the place.

Amusement parks - Your honey loves adventure then why not plan a trip to the amusement park on your Valentine's Day. The thrills of riding on the most wired rides, the ups and downs, the round & rounds will definitely be an electrifying experience. Amusement parks, great food, your beloved by your side and valentine gifts - sounds like an ideal valentine date idea. Experience excitement, entertainment, fun and feel the true romance with exclusive valentine date ideas.

Be a Romeo and Juliet: Not literally though, but both of you can arrange a Shakespearean style date for this special day. You and your sweetheart can go to romantic parks, dress up in Victorian attire, watch romantic Shakespearean plays and have your meal in a similar set up.

Have a Movie Style Theme:Feel like Angelina Jolie or a Brad Pitt or some other favorite actor or actress for the day. You and your loved one can dress like them and date in 'reel life' style. It can actually turn out to be very romantic and dreamy to propose your sweetheart in the way that one of your favorite actors did in a famous movie.


Valentine's Day Theme Date Ideas

There are several things which you can do on a Valentine Day date. Some of those are:


  • Romantic Theme: You must have imagined a romantic date for your loved one several times. Its time that you actually gift him/her a lovely romantic date. Take him/her to an exotic location like a beach, on a hot air-balloon trip, a cruise ship trip or on a romantic yatch trip. What can be more appropriate than having a romantic theme as your Valentine's Day theme?

  • Social work Theme: You must be thinking, why social work theme on a Valentine's Day. This is the day when you and your sweetheart can think of making a difference to the world. You can volunteer for some great social work activity or be a part of an NGO. Its one of the most amazing thing to do on a Valentine's Day with your partner.

  • Games Theme:Your loved one must be very fond of games. So why don't you be a part of some of his/her favorite games and have a great time together. You can choose some interesting games and have loads of fun by even competing with your sweetheart.

  • Be a Chef:This is a sweet thing to do for a date on a Valentine's Day. You and your sweetheart can wear the chef's hat and cook a meal for each other. Why, go out when you can date at home with some lovely food made by your combined efforts.

  • Have an adventurous date:You can think of an adventurous theme for your Valentine's Day date. There can be several things which you can do for your adventurous date. Take your date to an unknown location, and discover it together. Go to a great place and take part in adventurous activities like adventure sports and so on.

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