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Creative Valentines Day Ideas

Are you bored of spending all your Valentine's days in a similar way? This time you can try some exciting and creative ways to spend your special day with the special person in your life? Need some ideas? Here are a few tips:

  • 1. Choose a theme for Valentine's Day this year, like red roses or chocolates or pink candles. Decorate your entire house with the necessary ingredients as per the theme. Invite your valentine in the evening for a private dinner arranged for just the two of you.

    If your theme is red roses then scatter them as he/she enters and spread rose petals all over the living room when you two dance to some romantic numbers, Also fill the dining table with rose petals to complete the look. Decorate a bouquet with red roses only and decorate the outer side with creative drawings representing your feelings and thoughts for him/her.

  • 2. Prepare a photo album that contains photographs of every special moment spent together, preferably from the first day you met. Decorate it with heart shaped toys or put love notes on it. Your sweetheart will relive all those joyous moment as he/she turns the pages. Get ready to handle the emotional outburst.

  • 3. Take a roll of toilet paper and start writing all your feelings and passion towards your honey that you have been feeling ever since you have met. Put pictures and drawings as and when required. Enjoy the bliss on his/her face as he/she rolls the paper down and slowly unveils your strong emotions towards him/her.

  • 4. Groom yourself the way your sweetheart wants. Head to a beauty parlor or spa and opt for a good beauty/ spa treatment to ensure that you look your best on the special day. Later in the evening, wear the perfect apparel of his/her choice and accessorize yourself accordingly. This creative and unusual way of celebrating the V-Day will not only surprise him/her but will also give you an opportunity to get a makeover done.

  • 5. Arrange for a "valentine picnic" at your garden, meant just for the two of you. Create a heart shaped boundary with scented candles and rose petals. Keep ready-to-eat food and beverage so that you can spend most of the time talking to each other and not bearing the headache of preparing the dinner. Place a small barbeque at the center and roast some meat on it holding it together. Feel the warmth as you stand by each other's side to roast the meat.

  • 6. Go for a "love treasure hunt". Select several small gifts like chocolate boxes, small jewelry pieces, bunch of roses, small teddy bears, etc and hide them all over your house. After a perfect candle lit dinner, tell your honey to show how much he/she loves you by finding each of these gifts. Don't forget to capture the excitement that fills your partner as he/she looks for these gifts. You may give him/her a few hints in between. Believe it or not, the last gift would bring a smile of victory on his/her face and your bond will strengthen further.

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