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Valentine Costume Ideas/Top 2015 Valentine's Day costume ideas

Are you gearing up for the Valentine party? Certainly you want to look special and fantastic in this beautiful occasion. Mull over Valentine costume ideas and surprise everyone in the party.


Millions of lovers celebrate Valentine's Day and they leave no stone unturned to appear at their best during this auspicious occasion. This is a very special moment for them as they express their perpetual love for each other.


They present cards, chocolates and flowers to commemorate this day. Valentine's Day costumes have an extra significance since everybody wants to look special and enticing for their partner's on the special day.

You can consider many dissimilar ideas into Valentine's Day costumes. You can deck yourself up as a Love Bug, Playboy cupid, cupid, Valentine's Day bear, Queen of Hearts, kissing Booth, sexy angel, Ballerina Sweet Heart Princess, Valentine's Day red hot devil with hearts, Care Bear Tender Heart, cherub, French maid, Cupid Goddness of Love, candy striper, etc. Options are truly plenty in number. Are you going as a couple?


Your Valentine costume could be as Prince Charming and Cinderella, Lucifer and a sexy devil, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Aladdin and Jasmine, Matadore and a bull, etc. These are just perfect for the Valentine's Day party.


Top Valentine Costume Ideas

  1. Queen of Hearts

Rock this year's Valentine's Day party with the Queen of hearts costume. You can consider either a mini-dress or a long gown. The dress needs to be delightfully designed to boost up your female assets. You will be the centre of attraction in the party,without any doubt.


  1. Chocolates and Roses

This is another most popular Valentine costume idea. You will certainly receive chocolates and roses from your lover, and what could be better than dressing up in chocolate and roses in return? This will complement the attire and personality entirely. You don't need to work hard to get this costume. Choose the sexiest corset and high heel. To enhance your appeal, you can consider having a henna rose tattoo on your breast.

  1. Cleopatra and Marc Anthony

If you are going to attend the Valentine's Day party as a couple, costume of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony could be a very good choice. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra mesmerized thousands including the Roman general Marc Anthony during her time. If you are a female you can choose the costume of Cleopatra and your partner as Marc Anthony.


  1. Costume of Superheroes

While thinking of Valentine costume ideas, you can think of the costumes of superheroes as well, since you are the super person for somebody. There are plenty of choices for both men and women. Some of these are Catwoman costume, Batman costume, Lady Zorro costume, Zorro costume, Spider-Man costume, etc. Each one of these has a unique appeal and can make you look different yet attractive during the party.

  1. Aphrodite or Venus

Another renowned Valentine costume idea is Aphrodite or Venus. They are Roman goddesses of love and beauty, respectively. These costumes are designed as white mini-dress with gold accents and cut-outs. Sexy gladiator sandals are a must for these costumes.

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