Cool Valentines Day Ideas

Tired and bored by spending valentine day in the same way for years now? Let’s forget all those conventional ways of gifting cards and chocolates this year and figure out some cool ways to have fun with the special person in our lives.

Here’s a bunch of ideas for your ready reference.
  1. Instead of confining yourself inside the four walls of a restaurant, you can set your soul free, by doing something adventurous this year. Choose to go for a skating or skiing show this year, if possible take active participation. You can never forget the excitement and fun doing it together on the special day, till the next Valentine. Later you can hit a food park to get some calories back.

  2. If you have never got the opportunity to taste vodka or rum, choose the V-Day to do so. Hit a pub or a disco with your boyfriend/girlfriend and take the sip of your choice to get intoxicated, within limits of course. Then burn the dance floor with your steps and enjoy every moment.  You will never be able to forget the madness and feel good when cherished later.

  3. To give a pleasant surprise your partner, you can take him/her to an unknown destination through a long drive in V-Day. Make proper arrangements beforehand so that lack of food or drinks can never create an issue. Tell him/her that you want, to test the depth of love and faith that he/she has on you, to set out for unrelieved destinations. He/she will like the idea because if love is true, trust is ensured.

  4. Arrange for a surprise party at your home for him/her.  Decorate your home with scented candles, roses and if possible , his/her photographs. Since the party ideas can’t be disclosed, wish him/her giving cold vibes and invite him/her at home! Needless to say, your sweetheart will be disheartened, but that’s the catch! Let him/her continue with the mystery of your cold behavior only to see the rounded eyes when he/she knocks at the door. Keep the lights off and as he/she enters, shout loud to wish her a happy valentine day, with a sweet gift of her choice. You may call your other friends to make the gathering “happening” and “rocking”. Be sure they come with their respective girlfriends to add to the mood of the occasion.

  5. You can also arrange for a candle valentine night exclusively for her. Decorate your home with candles only, of different shapes and sizes, preferably scented ones. No lights will be turned on and the entire house should be illuminated with the light of the beautifully crafted candles. At the center of your house, create a big heart with candles only and write “I love you” inside with rose petals. Don’t forget to make arrangements of food and beverages. As the candles melt slowly, you two can hold hands and enjoy the romantic ambiance together. At one time, all the candles may blow off, but the warmth of your love and passion will be there forever for each other.

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