Cheap Valentines Day Ideas/Affordable 2014 Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is a day for lovers. On this day, you feel like doing anything and everything for your sweetheart. But at times money matters stand as an obstacle. In such a situation, you can take the help of cheap Valentine's Day ideas to lure your loved one and make him/her feel special.

Cheap Valentine's Day ideas are like a blessing when you want to shower the world on your sweetheart without spending much of your savings on a single occasion. There can be many ideas to make your special someone feel cared in a lesser cost. You need not be a rich person to present a memorable Valentine's Day to your loved one.


Interesting Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

There can be several ways which you can do on a valentine's day without spending much out of your pocket. Some of these cheap Valentine's Day ideas include:


  • Red Balloons: Balloons are one of the easy and affordable things which you can get for your sweetheart. You may get cute red heart shaped balloons for this occasion which celebrates love and lure your significant someone with lovey- dovey messages in it. You can even inflate these pretty balloons with special gas so that they stick to the ceiling and have long and colorful strings hanging down.

  • Hidden Boxes: It is a great way to surprise your sweetheart by offering presents through anticipation. You can have small boxes, packed with his/her favourite chocolates with tiny gifts in them. You can also arrange a maze or hide these boxes for him/her to find and get surprised, every time a box is found and opened+.

  • Play a Guitar/ Musical Instrument: It is one of the best cheap Valentine's Day ideas to learn and strung a guitar or any other musical instrument on a Valentine's Day. Your loved one will be blown if you play his/her favourite song on this special day. Play some romantic songs and see him/ her feel proud of you.

  • Hand Made Stuff: If you are an artist, you certainly have an advantage. You can make a portrait of your sweetheart or make a sketch of your darling to see the joy in his/her eyes for such a sweet,effortful and romantic gesture from you. You can even make a kerchief or knit a pretty muffler, for your loved one.

  • Give a list of 'reasons why I love you so much : Your dear one must have asked you or even guessed of why he/she is loved by you. These things grow the more you repeat them often. This is the time when you can make a long list of all the reasons and gift it along with a rose or a bouquet of roses. Without doubt, this is going to please your loved one on Valentine's Day.

These and many other cheap Valentine's Day ideas can form a part of your plan to sweep your sweetheart of his/her feet on Valentine's Day.


Romantic and cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

Some other activities which you can do on a Valentine's Day are:

  1. Decorate the place with tiny gifts and balloons
  2. Use a soap bar to rub a love message on the mirrors or use a lipstick to do the same
  3. Cook a delicious Meal for him/her.
  4. Take him/her to visit his/her favourite romantic spots in the city.
  5. Make a video of your special moments on this Valentine's Day.


Cheap Gifts for your Valentine

To make this day special and memorable for your valentine, you can select some inexpensive gifts. Some of which are:

  1. Hand made scented candles
  2. Heart shaped chocolates and candies
  3. Small showpieces or soft toys
  4. Hand made cards
  5. Make a framed group of photos to mark your special moments come alive again.
  6. Gift a jar filled with love notes
  7. Gift a CD with his/her favourite songs.

With so much to do and so many gifting ideas you can expect to have a great time with your loved one on this special day of 2014 Valentine's Day. Without spending much also you can bring a smile on your sweetheart's face and make him/her feel blessed to be loved and cared by you.
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