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Celebrating the Week Before Valentine's Day

You just have seven days to the show the world that how much you treasure your Valentine and how eager you are to make Valentine's Day special for him/ her. February 14, celebrated as Valentine's Day each year, is eagerly awaited by love birds across the globe. They begin preparing for it several days in advance; deciding as to which dress would be suitable for the day, where to celebrate the occasion, what gift to be given to their loved one are among the few things that require special attention. Lovers often devote an entire week in the preparation, looking for gifts, booking restaurants or a romantic hotel for the day and making other arrangements.

While most couples are busy preparing for the special day, many of them do not want to limit the celebration of love just to one single day. They decide to shower their love the entire week! You may also choose to celebrate the occasion for the whole week preceding the Valentines Day by sending flowers, cards, small gifts and various other tokens of love.

This will keep reminiding your partner that Valentines Day is actually approaching. Plan a week before Valentine's Day about what are the things that can be a mood setter though being excited about it is in itself a big draw; you already make your partner feel wanted and special.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating the week before Valentine's Day. Try these out and see the difference they make to your love life.

Top ideas for celebrating the week before Valentine's Day
  • 1. Sending love notes everyday can be the best way to build suspense and romance. Sending love quotes and poetry is even better.

  • 2. The countdown to the special day can always begin a week before with small tokens of love. Buy a box of his/ her favorite chocolates and send it to his work place; surprise him when he is busy!

  • 3. Buy seven small Valentine gifts the week before Valentine's Day. They can be cards that say how much you are waiting for the day to come.

  • 4. A great idea for long distance relationships can be sending a card everyday well in advance so that they arrive in the days before the Valentine's Day.

  • 5. Celebrate the week before Valentine's Day by indulging in romantic conversations with your beloved. Continue doing this until you wish him/her on the night of Valentines Day.

  • 6. Send your love to a health spa and or a beauty salon. A rejuvenation therapy can make him/her feel fresh on the special day.

  • 7. Send flowers every morning. You can send seven roses the first day, 6 the next day and so on. On the last day send a fresh red rose and write down how you are waiting for the sun to rise next morning.

You can also collect some memorabilia of the moments that you have spent together, may be of the first date that you had, the first photos or the first gifts you exchanged. Make a scrapbook and send the day before. These are few ways of celebrating the week before Valentine's Day.

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