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Valentines Day Ideas & Tips

There is no other day as Valentine's Day when love is celebrated with so much zest. Couples and lovers wait for this day of love to indulge in romance and prove their chivalry. While some draw inspiration from romantic movies and love stories, others invent their own style of celebrating it.

If you are one of those love-struck individuals and you have someone special in your life, you got to make your Valentine feel special, like every other day. While going out for a romantic dinner or gifting chocolates and flowers may be traditional Valentines Day ideas, there's always scope for doing something new.

To make the occasion even more special, here are a bunch of Valentine's Day tips that can make your plan an instant hit with your beloved. So, look no further for ideas to make your beloved feel special, just scroll through our host of ideas and we are sure that you will be loved even more for it.
  1. You can try creating a treasure hunt for your lover, with clues leading up to an event or a gift that you have planned for them.
  2. Wake up your beloved with the sight of a love note where you tell them just how much you love them. Strew them around the house and at every place where you know that they might look. The fact that they will find your notes of love everywhere is sure to make them feel special.
  3. You can try to take your loved one out for a fancy dinner. If you are rather the home bird kind then a special meal prepared for them by you, is the best thing. Think of a candle lit dinner, talks and the perfect food, what else more could the heart want. Try decorating the room with the theme of love. Heart shaped balloons and decorations are bound to make the day seem as special as it can be.
  4. For the literary and creative side of you, you can bring out the writing cap on; you can try to write a love poem or a love song to your beloved. That will not only make your beloved feel loved, but is sure to melt their heart too.
  5. You could try to gift your lover personalized gift items, that are sure to make your lover feel like a million bucks, it could be a piece of jewelry, photo frames, shopping vouchers, perfumes etc. In fact, the options are virtually endless when it comes to personalizing and customizing gifts.
  6. For those of you who love to travel, going out for a vacation too would be a great idea. You could go away on a sabbatical to a lovely destination that is only going to add to the beauty of your relationship.
  7. You could also re-live the tale of your romance and try re-creating the moments that made you fall in love, try by visiting places or doing certain things; you will watch the sparks flying all across the place.
  8. Try to pamper your lover as much as you can, you could even go out for a spa pampering session together; it is bound to fill the day with delight.
  9. Create an intimate Valentine's Day evening at home. Put on a soft, romantic music, which is a wonderful mood-setter. After a hearty dinner, get on the dance floor with only two of you holding each other and swaying to the tunes. It will lead to a truly romantic night.
  10. Surprise your sweetheart by preparing a "10 Reasons I Love You" Valentine’s Day breakfast for him/her. On his/her plate, leave a letter or card listing 10 reasons why you love your partner.
No Money, No Worry

Celebrate Valentine's Day in 1 Dollar

Teens are often left with no or very less pocket money when they have to buy something special for their love on Valentine's Day. However, the good news is that it is possible to woo your partner even with a budget as less as 1 dollar. The best way to fit your celebrations within such a budget is to gift a beautiful rose or make a craft item at home. Call over your love at your place and rustle up a dish using available supplies. This will not cost you anything and still prove to be effective in wooing your love. Pluck some fresh flowers and decorate your place with them to make your partner feel amazing. Your partner will love the idea of being showered with flowers on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 2 Dollars

With 2 dollars as budget to spend on Valentine's Day, it is unlikely that you can arrange a big party for your love, but you can still impress your partner with beautiful house decorations. Gather all the decorative items that have been lying unused for days at your place and put it to your best use to adorn the home. Welcome your partner with a sprinkling of love petal shower or prepare a bed filled with roses for your love. Although such an act will not cost you much, it will go a long way in getting that priceless smiling expression on the face of your lover. Present your Valentine with a scrapbook with pictures of the special times that both of you have shared together.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 5 Dollars

Prepare the morning tea when your Valentine wakes up and present a bunch of flowers to start the day on a celebratory note. Giving such a surprise to your partner in the morning will pave the way for a delightful day ahead and will surely fit well within your tight budget. Make a sweet Valentine's Day card or take a walk on the beach side at night while relishing a local brand ice cream if your budget does not allow you to spend beyond 5 dollar.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 10 Dollars

There is no reason for getting disheartened to not be able to spend lavishly on your Valentine on the special day if you are left with as less as 10 dollars in your pocket. You can still arrange for a few things that will fit within this budget and go a long way in making the day special for your partner. Buy candles and small lighting bulbs to adorn the table set near the beachside. Talk for hours or gaze at each other's eye as the sound of waves fill up the silence between you two. Gift some hand-made cookies or place a coupon holder that has been made by you. Let your love read out the messages in each coupon to know how the days ahead with you will turn out to be more lovely and romantic.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 15 Dollars

Celebrate the Valentine's Day by visiting a park and munching on some light snacks to fit the celebrations well within your budget of 15 dollar. Although, it is not possible for you to splurge on your love, but you can take her out to the nearest garden and you both can engage in romantic conversation for hours to end the day in a special way. Buy a few flowers and some local chocolates while you enjoy each other's company. You can also make a special Valentine's Day Card for your love with cheap supplies that are easily available at home. Gifting a hand purse or a mobile cover will also be a great idea to go well with your tight budget.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 20 Dollars

If you like to spend Valentine's Day on a limited budget of 20 dollars, you can think of taking her out to a place of natural beauty that has no entry fees yet has a romantic charm to help you both spend a wonderful time. You can take your partner to a mountaintop and shout out your love for him/her. Take a packet of crunchy snacks and water cans while you take your love to the hills and climb the mountain hand in hand. It will fit well within your budget of 20 dollars. You can make a basket of tissue flowers to gift your love on Valentine's Day. Call over your Valentine to your place and spruce it up with old, scented candles that are lying at your place. Lay down a beautifully decorated table and catch up with your love over hot cups of coffee. Carry on a romantic conversation as you relish the homemade coffee.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 25 Dollars

You are wrong if you think that you cannot celebrate Valentine's Day with as the limited budget as 25 dollars. It is possible to impress your love with such a small budget as all you need is some creative thinking. Plan a date to a place that is known for its natural beauty and ask your partner to cycle to that exotic location along with you. Enjoy the romantic ride as you both make your way through to the beautiful destination. Carry with you some chocolates or snacks to whet your appetite. Prepare some sandwiches or snacks on your own as a lunch item if you have such a budget marked for your Valentine day celebration.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 30 Dollars

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner is a special and unique way even when you have a budget of merely 30 dollars. Look for great spa deals and you are sure to find a suitable rejuvenating package for both of you. Let your senses relax as you along with your partner take a spa deal of less than 30 dollar. It will be a good idea to check out smart deals offered in dining options. Take your Valentine to a small cafe to spend some good moments together over a cup of hot beverage of your partner's choice.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 50 Dollars

You might feel a little disheartened if you could only save as much as 50 dollars to spend with your partner on Valentine's Day. However, there is no reason to feel disappointed as there are still quite a few things that you can do to take your love by surprise on this special day. Plan a trip to the botanical gardens or visit a vineyard together. Walk hand in hand as you capture some romantic moments in your lens while exploring the most decorated and lovely plantations. For a small fee, you and your partner can spend a romantic time together in the vineyard by partaking in grape stomping. As you roam around the garden present her some small gifts like chocolates, cooking, flowers in different colors and anything about your partner liking. You can also present an artificial ring that would cost not more than $50 and can make your day. It will be an unusual way to spend the romantic day by getting your feet wet.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 75 Dollars

Be happy if you have managed to save as much as 75 dollars to spend with your partner for Valentine's Day celebration. You can take your love out to a small little cafe that serves some street-side food to fit well within your budget. Reminisce the magic of old-days as you hog on some mouth-watering delicacies with your partner and create some wonderful memories. Call over your valentine to your place and rustle up a special meal with inexpensive, yetve yet quality food supplies to impress your partner with your cooking skills. You can hire a local musician for a small fee and make him play some love songs and romantic tunes dedicated just for your love. If you don't have your own vehicle, you can hire a bike for a day and take your partner to his/her favorite places.

Valentine's Day Ideas under 100 Dollars

Take a boat trip along with your partner on Valentine's Day if you have managed to collect 100 dollars to spend for the special day. It is easy to find local boats that are ready to take you for a ride on the waves for a small fee. Enjoy romancing each other your boat takes you off for a pleasurable ocean ride. Prepare a dinner table at your home with some homemade delicacies and fruit, champagne available at reasonable cost in some stores to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day date. No matter what you are gifting your partner on this day, It's all about how much efforts you are putting to make your partner feel special. Valentine's Day is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm by people of all ages, be in young, old, middle-aged, teens and adults. It is the day when people look forward to doing something special and gifting something unique to show their love towards their dear ones. The day of love is incomplete without expressing the deep feelings of affection that one holds towards their loved ones. The way this special occasion dedicated to love is celebrated differs from individual to individual depending on his budget as well as his preferences. There are celebratory ideas and gift ideas that can suit every wallet. Refer to the Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - from 1 dollar to 100 dollars to find ways in which you can surprise your love with novel gift and celebration ideas without bearing a deep hole in your pocket. You can also refer: Valentine Ideas for Him & Valentine Ideas for Her