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Hug Day SMS and Gifts - February 12th

There are few things in the world that are more universal than wrapping your arms around someone you care about.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, then, it’s little wonder people commemorate February 12th as Hug Day to express their admiration for lovers, family, friends and coworkers.

Whether in celebration or sympathy, it is among the simplest ways to connect with another human being, but sometimes you have to be aware of issues that arise when you try to give one out.

Hug Day Messages

  1. Hey sweetheart, sending you a tight bear hug and wishing you a very happy hug day. I only wish tons of happiness for you!Send SMS
  2. On this hug day, i have got a million dollar hug waiting for you. Love you my sweetheart!Send SMS
  3. No matter how far you stay from me, in my heart, you are just placed perfectly. Here i come with a huge hug of love! Happy hug day baby!Send SMS
  4. Baby, you are so adorable that you are worth a hug not just today, but every day. Happy hug day sweetie!Send SMS
  5. Sometimes its better to put love into hugs, than putting it in words! Happy hug day.Send SMS
  6. I love you more today, than i did yesterday, but not as much i am going to love you tomorrow! Happy hug day!Send SMS
  7. Did you suddenly felt warm and loved? This is because I just hugged you tight in my thoughts. I love you baby!Send SMS
  8. Do you about that gift which cannot be given without taking it back? It is the best gift called hug.Send SMS
  9. A hug can say a million words that words can never express. So please, accept my hug of love and be mine forever!Send SMS
  10. A loose hug says its ok, a normal hug says thanks and a tight hug says i need you! Happy hug day sweetheart!Send SMS

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Before you go throwing hugs all over the place, remember these basics to make sure you do it right and your embrace is welcome:

Come In from the Side
Best for: people you don’t know well, those uncomfortable with affection 

Let’s face it, nearly anyone you have the opportunity to hug might look at you a little weird if you are offering to spread the love. Though most enjoy the idea of Hug Day, you have to be considerate of their personal space.

By throwing an arm around their shoulder and giving a gentle squeeze, you are able to acknowledge them appropriately without opening yourself up to an accusation of inappropriate contact. Release the recipient quickly and you will have done plenty to boost their spirits without making them uneasy.

Comfortable Crossover
Best for: family members and close friends

Humans, like other animals, often look to assert themselves through simple gestures – some shake hands, for example, with an eye to get a step up on the “competition.”

When you go in for a hug like this, with one arm extended above shoulder level and the other below it, you are subconsciously displaying a belief you are on equal footing with the recipient.

This allows for a close embrace, the kind appropriate for relationships that have tremendous depth and connection. Imagine seeing your mother for the first time in months or years. Wouldn’t you want to squeeze her tight and relish the fact you are meeting in person again?

Romantic Over-Under
Best for: lovers or soon-to-be lovers

There is something about physical attraction that immediately seeks to create flirty contact as much as possible. If you think about the most romantic scenes in movies, the woman almost always ends up throwing her arms around the leading man’s neck as he grabs her around the waist and lifts her off the ground.

It has been replayed over and over again, as it is a wonderful reflection of the dreaminess we all feel when in love. This added bit of whimsy will, if things work out, eventually lead to passionate kisses and a long-burning relationship working toward happily ever after. (Bet you never thought so much was riding on a hug!)

Shake and Pat
Best for: rap stars, athletes and guy friends greeting each other

It might seem odd to say, but the art of the hug continues to advance. In recent years, with the expansion of hip hop culture throughout the world, men have taken on a peculiar form of embrace to display high esteem for each other without getting too close.

This simple act, usually a handshake that ends with the opposite arm thrown around the other’s shoulder and an ever-so-brief moment of proximity, is now a common way for male friends to show each other respect in a public setting. Yes, it seems like a cop out, but it’s a start for men – they’re not generally fond of public displays of affection, you know!