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Chocolate Day SMS & Messages - 9th February

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As you begin to near Valentine’s Day, the opportunity to get the best sweets for your sweetest becomes slimmer every day. By the time February 14th arrives, chances are good all the best choices will have been picked through and you’ll be left grabbing whatever you can – unless you take advantage of February 9th and Chocolate Day, that is.

The opportunity to give your lover a tasty treat before love’s own holiday arrives is one you must not pass up, but that means you might have to change your plans on Valentine’s Day itself. Who, after all, wants the same heart-shaped box of cream-filled chocolates twice in five days?

Chocolate Day Messages

  1. Love is like a nice crunchy delightful chocolate. The taste and the aura remains till the last bite. Love you baby! Send SMS
  2. All i need is you and never ending love! However, a little chocolate every now and then is good for health.;) Send SMS
  3. Baby, on this chocolate day, i just want to have a bite of you. Because you are far more sweeter than chocolate. Send SMS
  4. Searched many shops to get the best chocolate for you. But soon I realized, no chocolate is sweeter than you! Send SMS
  5. The sweetness of chocolate remains in your tongue for few minutes. But the sweetness of a person like you retains forever. Happy chocolate day sweetheart! Send SMS
  6. Sweet chocolate, sweet you, sweeter are the things you do. Come, let us get indulged into this never ending sweetness. Wishing you a very happy chocolate day! Send SMS
  7. Love is not about from how long you have been together. It’s all about being together in hard times. Happy chocolate day my love! Send SMS
  8. I want to retain your sweetness like the most precious chocolate. I don’t want to loose you ever in my life. Happy chocolate day! Send SMS

Wondering how to go about activating your dearest’s sweet tooth? Here are a few helpful hints to consider as you make your plans:

Choose Something Other Than Candy

One of the best things about chocolate is its versatility – it can literally be put into almost anything sweet or savory. In some South American cultures, for example, it is a major ingredient in sauces paired with meat and poultry.
Though you might not want to stray from dessert, you may opt for a delicious cake instead of some artisanal candies. With Valentine’s Day so close, you want to make sure you are leaving some wiggle room for a tasty end to your date that night.
Go with one for Chocolate Day, then pick something completely different on the 14th.

See About Making It Yourself

Chances are good Chocolate Day will arrive on a less pressurized portion of the calendar for both of you, so why not spend part of that time creating your own confections? It is a fantastic way to get some time enjoying each other’s company before diving into a delicious dessert together.
If your loved one is typically the one who works in the kitchen, you might find a recipe and let them watch you go to work (if you feel comfortable getting out the mixing bowls and cake pans, that is).
On the other hand, if you are less-inclined to try your hand at making something from scratch, you can easily create your own chocolate fondue in the comfort of your own home with relatively little expense compared to what you’d be charged in a restaurant.
Either way, pampering your better half with an indulgent treat you’ve made yourself is another way to show how much you care.

Be Certain You Know Favorites

Everyone has their own tastes, particularly when it comes to chocolate. It would be a pity if you went to the effort of finding a great Chocolate Day gift only to find out the hard way your darling finds coconut filling nauseating.

If you don’t already know, do some research ahead of time to figure out what he or she likes best – ask family, friends or coworkers for tips and do what you can to secure it.

This may mean hunting down a particular brand or visiting a specialty store, but the look on your honey’s face when opening your gift will be well worth it. Plus, you’ll get to share in the joy of eating it!