Valentine's Day In Singapore

To celebrate your Valentine's Day in Singapore is indeed a splendid idea. If you are a resident of this amazing island country, then you certainly know how to have a great Valentine Day here in Singapore.

A Valentine's Day in Singapore is full of surprises. Your loved one is sure to love this dream like experience of being in Singapore. You can check out some of the excellent things which you can do and exotic places which you can visit, on a Valentine's Day in Singapore with your partner.


Romantic places in Singapore

  1. Esplanade: Want to have a beautiful experience on this Valentine's Day? Well, you ought to visit the mesmerizing Esplanade which stands near the Marina Bay. This is a concert hall with 1500 seat, a large theatre, restaurants, mall, food outlets and a few other facilities. Nights are even more beautiful here with local performances and other entertainment to provide you two a lovely experience.
  2. Romantic River Cruise: Your sweetheart is surely going to remember this for the rest of his/her life. The Singaporean cruise offers you a superb experience of the beautiful rivers which passes through lovely shops, skyscrapers and many other attractions. What best than spend a Valentine's Day on the banks of a river in Singapore with your darling by your side.
  3. Sentosa Island: Sentosa Island is a famous isle of Singapore which you just cannot afford to miss. This beautiful Island extends a warm welcome to all the lovers who can have a great time walking hand in hand in the rainforests, mesmerizing beaches and romantic dinners at the Cliff restaurant on the side of the South China Sea.
  4. Lau Pa Sat Festival Market: If you and your partner love food, you can have one of the best experiences in Singapore. This has one of the oldest cast iron structures standing proudly on the Boon Tat Road. This attracts lovers at night with its mouth watering delicacies, found in the road side stalls.

Romantic things to do on a Valentine's Day in Singapore

If you are planning for a special Valentine's Day in Singapore for your dear one, you ought to participate in certain things to make this special occasion a memorable one. Some of these are:

  1. Walk hand in hand with your sweetheart, feeling the evening breeze in the Botanical Garden
  2. Go for romantic diving lessons together
  3. Have a romantic bath together at the Ritz Carlton which offers bath packages
  4. Have a wonderful trishaw ride exploring the beauties of the city with your sweetheart
  5. Take a cozy ride on a boat around the lovely Singapore River
  6. Go to the Pulau Ubin to discover the rural Singapore
  7. Visit the exotic Mount Faber Park and enjoy the city view with your sweetheart
  8. Try not to miss shopping for interesting antiques during this Valentine's Day

Singapore is indeed the place to visit if you are waiting to have a great time with your loved on this Valentine's Day. You can plan surprise dinners by the beach side, watch the sunset or simply walk hand in hand marveling at Singapore's natural beauties. With so much to do, you and your sweetheart can expect to have the best Valentine's Day in Singapore.

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