Valentines Day in Romania

It is often being complained that the old world charm has gone out of romances. If you want to experience February 14 in an old style, you can spend this Valentine's Day in Romania. Romania is located between the south-eastern and central parts of Europe. It is located to the north of Bulgaria.

Romanian Valentine's Day

In Romania Valentine's Day is a two-day celebration. The concept of the American Valentine's Day does not really exist in the country. Romania has its own Valentine's Day in “Dragobete” which is celebrated on every 24th February. It is the traditional Romanian Valentine's Day. It is a holiday to celebrate love and promote the good values of sharing and caring. The occasion is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Many people consider “Dragobete” as the first day of spring. That naturally makes the celebrations grander.

But huge media coverage of the American Valentine's Day has aroused public interest in February 14. Nowadays, lovers also celebrate February 14 as their Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day celebrations in Romania

Valentine's Day in Romania is more of a private celebration than a grand showy affair. It is to be remembered that Valentine's Day is a new holiday to the country. Naturally, the festivities have not caught on here in a big way. However, you can find little difference in Valentine's Day celebrations here with that of the American way of observing the holiday. Young lovers use this holiday to express their feelings to their romantic partners. Couples in romantic relationships go out to local restaurants and parks to enjoy some time with each other. The celebrations are more prominent in urban areas. Urban restaurants offer special meals and attractive candlelight dinner experiences to diners in a beautiful environment. Many people go out to local theatres to catch movies with their sweet ones. It is not uncommon to find married couples and young lovers making short trips to local hotspots and getaways to enjoy time with each other. The climate makes it suitable for visitors to tour the lovely Romanian getaways and enjoy the beautiful locales.

Valentine's Day traditions in Romania

Craft making, gift-giving and cooking mouthwatering dishes are the main traditions observed here during Valentine's Day. Lovers exchange beautiful greeting cards and gifts with each other on this day. Men pamper their sweethearts with awesome greeting cards, readymade gifts and homemade crafts. Women pamper their boyfriends with delicious meals that they prepare by themselves. Chocolate cookies and candies are some of the most popular romantic foods in Romania.

A unique tradition in Romania is stepping on your lover's feet. It is said that if a person steps on his/her lover's feet on this day, he/she will play a dominant role in their relationship. That is why; lovers become very careful about where they keep their feet on this day. All these give a nice old world feel to the Romanian Valentine's Day.

Romanian Valentine's Day Gifts

Romanians love gifting their special ones on Valentine's Day. The traditional gifts for Romanian Valentine's Day are:

  1. Red roses
  2. Flower bouquets
  3. Perfumes
  4. Greeting Cards
  5. Chocolates
  6. Candies
  7. Gift Baskets
  8. Gadgets
  9. Dinner treats in restaurants
  10. Homemade crafts
  11. Home cooked dishes.

If you want to enjoy some serene, undisturbed romantic moments with your love, spending your Valentine's Day in Romania is a nice idea.

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