Valentine's Day in Mexico

There is something intoxicating about Valentine's Day in Mexico. If you are looking for a perfect romantic getaway on February 14, this is one of the places to be.


Mexican Valentine's Day


In Mexico, Valentine's Day is referred to as "Dia de San Valentin". It is more popularly known as "El Día del Amor y la Amistad", meaning the “Day of Love and Friendship'. The date of celebration is the same as the U.S date of observance, 14th February. It is a big holiday in Mexico.

Mexicans attach a lot of importance to love and friendship. Hence, the day is an important occasion for them. It is traditionally a day when Mexicans profess love to their sweethearts. Those involved in a romantic relationship promise an everlasting love to their special ones. It is a time of celebration for unmarried lovers and married couples. As “El Día del Amor y la Amistad” is also about friendship, Mexicans use this day to express their gratitude and appreciation to their friends.


Valentine's Day celebrations in Mexico

Valentine's Day in Mexico is a fascinating occasion, for Mexicans as well as for outsiders. On this day, the country wears a festive look. Most places are beautifully decorated with colorful balloons, banners and flowers. Lovers and friends exchange gifts with each other. Traditional Valentine's Day gifts in Mexico include presents like:

  1. Handmade stuffed hearts
  2. Flowers, especially red roses
  3. Chocolates
  4. Stuffed toys
  5. Balloons and candies


Mexican Valentine's Day Traditions

Mexico has its unique traditions for Valentine's Day celebrations. One of the most fascinating Mexican Valentine traditions is young lovers singing under the window of their lady love to win their hearts. A band of three musicians, known as a Mariachi band, is usually hired by the lover to carry out this custom. This tradition is followed on the evening of every Valentine's Day. It has been in practice in Mexico since ancient days. Many people arrange for feasts and ball dances for their sweet ones.

Married couples and romantic partners go to local restaurants to have some good food and enjoy some private moments together. It is tough to get a seat here during the holidays. Hence, seats are booked beforehand.

Thousands of balloons printed with romantic phrases are released into the sky during the occasion. Friends wish each other with greeting cards, friendship notes containing handwritten verses and gifts.


Mexican Valentine's Day Wishes


"Te Amo" meaning "I love you", "Para mi amor" meaning "for my love", Enamorado signifying “in love” and "Felicidades" or "congratulations" are the most common words you can hear on this day. You will also hear terms like “Amistad” or "Friendship" and “Amiga” or "Friend" being repeated between Mexican friends.

If you are interested to have a true blue festive experience, consider spending this Valentine's Day in Mexico. It is one of the coolest places that you can be in with your loved one. But make sure that you reserve your hotel rooms in advance of the celebrations.

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