Valentines Day In Italy

Valentine's Day in Italy has gained importance over the years now. The Italian lovers are famous in history, the most important being Romeo and Juliet. The romantic history of Italy is full of romantic love stories and immortal characters that have made love, a popular feeling. Even today reading about them brings a lot of joy and spreads vibration of love in us.


History of Valentine's Day in Italy

Initially Valentine's Day in Italy was celebrated as spring festival. Valentine's Day celebration in Italy was carried on in the open air. It was a gathering of young people in tree arbors and extremely ornamental gardens. They used to enjoy poetry and music. After this they would wander with their loved ones into the gardens. This custom is no more alive in today's world now. But the custom has changed drastically.

Such Valentine's Day traditions in Italy reveal that the history of Valentine's Day in Italy was quite attention-grabbing. The trend of celebrating Valentine's Day in Italy was always a beautiful trend. But this custom soon tied after a few years. However, even after so many years, the passion of celebrating Valentine's Day and exchanging valentine gifts in Italy is alive.


Valentine's Day Traditions in Italy


It was in the city of Turin, that the couples used to announce happily about their engagement. After a few days from February 14, stores were decorated with many valentine gifts. These gifts were candies, ribbons, china baskets, and cups. They were presented as beautiful gifts to valentine.

There is another very interesting Valentine's Day tradition in Italy. This tradition was followed in Italy and Britain. According to this tradition, the unmarried girls were supposed to get up before sunrise. Girls used to wake up early on Valentine's Day because it was a popular tradition that the first man they saw early in the morning will marry that girl within a year. For this reason, many girls used to wake up early in the morning to get a glance of the man who passes by.


Valentine's Day celebration in Italy

It is well known that for the Italy lovers the major day for love and romance is il giorno della festa degli innamorati. In Italy Valentine's Day is considered to be a popular holiday that is exclusively imparted from US. This day is for lovers especially and there is no exchange of gifts among the family members.

However, the feeling that it is only a tradition that comes from US has changed. Lovers on Valentine's Day in Italy celebrate this romantic and auspicious day by expressing their love to the special person in their life, the one they love!

There are many Valentine's Day activities in Italy that are organized for lovers. On this day the couples go out together for dinner in the various restaurants and pizza shops. The gifts that are exchanged on this day, such as rose, perfumes, flowers, diamonds, etc.

For the ones who are completely and madly in love with each other, Valentine's Day in Italy is going to be a romantic one. Italy is the land of lovers and here the expression of love on the day of valentine is at its peak.

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