Valentine's Day In Hungary

Hungary is noted to be one of the 15 most popular travel destinations in the world. It has one of the biggest thermal water cave systems globally. All this makes it a favorable place for Valentine celebrations. Every country over the years has developed their own way of celebrating Valentine's Day. Let us have a brief overview of Valentine's Day in Hungary.

Like most of the other places, Valentine's Day celebrations in Hungary are carried on with huge vigor and zest by the inhabitants. There are several other tourist couples who visit Hungary during this season. They too are a part of the celebrations.

Generally there are Valentine parties and events that take place in various hotels and clubs. The entry to these events is mostly through passes that needs to be bought beforehand. These are mostly valentine theme parties that held on 14th Feb and goes on for a few more days.

Valentine Food Traditions in Hungary

The most exciting part about any celebrations is food. Hungary offers you a spread of delicious platter. Some of the famous Valentine cuisine delicacies would include fried vegetables, honey sprinkled salmon, pasta, ginger marinated fillets, and the like. These are in turn served along with pear-chardonnay sauce.

Valentine's Day in Hungary is not yet much influenced by the American styles and traditions. This is one of the reasons why you would feel that the celebrations have their own charm and is not commercialized. It is indeed an amazing sight to watch the lovers walking hand in hand and exchanging gifts. Small cozy café's are often filled with couples having their own sweet time together.

Valentine Day Style in Hungary

Every place would have its own mood and ambiance on Valentine's Day. This is dependent on the overall nature of the place as well as the mindset of the people who reside there. The Hungarian society rather carries on with its Valentine's Day celebration keeping a low-key profile.

Having said that other customs of sharing gifts, exchanging cards and so are all there.

Valentine's Day activities in Hungary

Couples in Hungary go all out to impress their beloved on this day. Men gift women with some of the beautiful flowers and flower bouquet. Some of the flowers that are widely used are roses, tulips, orchids and lilies. The gift shops in Hungary allow you to choose gift items that are traditional as well as contemporary.


Valentine Chocolates in Hungary

No Valentine celebration is complete without chocolates. The same applies for Hungary. Women in Hungary have got a natural inclination towards homemade candies. A chocolate gift basket is sure going to be an ideal gift for her. You also get various flavors of chocolates in Hungary, for instance mint, dark chocolates, roasted almond, milk chocolate and so on.

Valentine Gifts in Hungary

There are several options with regards to Valentine Gifts in Hungary. You can choose from the list given below on what you want to gift your valentine:-

  1. Chocolates
  2. Flowers
  3. Gift Basket
  4. Watches
  5. Perfumes
  6. Pens and Ipod
  7. Laptop

Valentine's Day in Hungary with its festivities will make your day a special one.

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