Valentine's Day in Brazil

Valentines Day, which celebrates and honors love, is celebrated on 14th February in many places. A special day dedicated to love and lovers is observed in many countries; however, the dates vary depending on the customs and traditions followed in those countries. Valentine's Day in Brazil is the time for couples to celebrate their love for each other by exchanging gifts, cards and flowers among other things.

It is not uncommon to find couples in Brazil coming up with their own ways of commemorating this day. Valentine's Day in Brazil is not celebrated on 14th February, rather similar celebrations known as Dia dos Namorados (Day of the Enamored) are held on 12th June. Grand parties, dance, music, delicious foods are some of the important elements of celebrating this day in Brazil.


Dia dos Namorados, akin to Valentines Day is celebrated not just by married couples, but even unmarried couples celebrate it in a grand manner. Couples prefer to do something different for their partners and surprise them with their lovely gestures. One way to surprise your partner can be by sending him messages throughout the day. After he gets a few messages, he will spend the whole day in eager anticipation, waiting for your message. How you celebrate the day, whether you are in Brazil or in any other part of the world, are entirely your choice.

Valentine's Day Traditions in Brazil

In Brazil, Dia dos Namorados is celebrated the eve of Day of St. Anthony. Known as the Marriage Saint, he believed in bringing good fortune on marriages, so this day is celebrated on a grand scale. Celebrations in Brazil consist of lavish parties, stunning costumes among other things, and commemorating Dia dos Namorados is no exception to this tradition. So, throwing in a huge party where family and friends are invited, and by buying gifts for your beloved is one way of celebrating this day.

Single women perform a ritual known as Simpatias on this day, to find a good boyfriend or husband for themselves. The day is also celebrated with the exchange of love messages in the form of figurative objects among couples, both married and single. The figure and silhouette of cupid is popularly exchanged by couples, with each other on this day. Exchange of greeting cards among couples is another tradition, associated with the Valentine's Day celebration in Brazil.

Around this time if you are traveling to Brazil with your beloved, you will find that shopping malls are crowded with people looking to buy gifts for their sweetheart. Make sure that you buy the appropriate gift and if you cannot go to the shop due to some reason, you can even try out online shopping. There are numerous options, when it comes to online shopping and you also get home delivery of the gifts.

There are various traditions associated with celebrating Valentine's Day. If you want to celebrate the day in a different way, traveling to Brazil with your partner might be a good idea. There, you can celebrate the day in the traditional way, observed in that country.