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Valentine's Day Around the World

Valentine's Day around the world is celebrated with insurmountable joy and happiness. Different countries celebrate the occasion in different manners but the joy and enthusiasm attached to it is the same everywhere. People irrespective of their cultural and religious differences put their best in celebrating this day of love. They embrace the day with loads of joy and happiness. Let us look at the way how Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world.


  • Valentine's Day in United States of America:In USA, you will find people dancing to the tune of love on this special day. Several parties are organized by the couples where they call their near and dear ones. Everyone is at his/ her best. People embrace each other by exchanging flowers and chocolates. In USA, Valentine's Day is better known by the day of love. Lovers take this day as a great opportunity to propose love to each other. Nearly, all scenic places are jam-packed with lovers and married couples.
  • Valentine 's Day in Japan: Japanese welcome this day by preparing chocolates at their homes. It is the day when women come forward to gift chocolates to their beloveds. Men in turn are supposed to compensate this favor of love after a month that is on 14th March. This day is termed as "White Day". Flowers play a special role on Valentine's Day. Japanese are very fond of flowers. You will find their houses well-decorated with colorful and vibrant flowers. This evokes a feeling of happiness and joy.
  • Valentine's day in United Kingdom:People of UK have a great fascination for this day. Gifts make a profound presence in the celebration of Valentine's Day. Lovers greet each other by exchanging beautiful gifts. Apart from other gift items, flowers make their major presence on this day. Almost all the flower shops are decorated beautifully and offer multi-hued flowers and special Valentine bouquets. Cities go for a makeover. Lanes are beautifully decorated with balloons and soft lights. Even the magazines publish special columns on love. Couples are seen cuddling each other everywhere. Children are equally excited on this day. In short, you can smell the sweet fragrance of love all over UK on Valentine's Day.
  • Valentine 's Day in Italy: Valentine's Day is better acknowledged as a spring festival that calls for loads of excitement and thrill. You will find people rejoicing and dancing everywhere. Couples host lavish dinner parties calling their close friends. Some couples even like to treat themselves and their loved ones with mouth-smacking delicacies. Chocolates and flowers are commonly used to mark the importance of this day.
  • Valentine 's Day in Denmark: In Denmark, lovers celebrate this day by sending gifts and flowers to their partners. White flowers most popularly follow the notion. Men, in order to confuse their beloveds, send unsigned gifts to them. If the lady is smart enough to find out the sender, she is rewarded with an Easter egg.

Although, Valentine's day around the world is celebrated in different ways, but the spirit continues to be the same.

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