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Top 10 Red Wines

Red wine the name is enough to make the evening romantic. It is one special drink, which makes you feel better with every sip. Whether it is your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, it would be incomplete without one of the Top 10 red wines, which can make every meal special. A candle light dinner or a romantic night out, red wine creates just the right atmosphere for romance. From French Red Wine to Italian Red Wine, you can only ask for more once the liquid goes down your mouth. Let us have a look at some of the top popular wines, which are special in their own ways.

Famous Best 10 Red Wines

Merlot: One of the most famous names in types of Red wine, Merlot is special because of the fine red wine that it is. From France, to California, these red wines are made of blackcurrant, oak, spice, vanilla, herbs and cedar. The smooth liquid will flow down your throat to give you a taste of heaven. The bottle of this wine cost around $100 to $400 depending upon the size of the bottle. Some of the famous makers of Merlot are
  1. Chateau Petrus
  2. Chateau Lafite-Rothschild
  3. Chateau Leoville Las Cases
  4. Chateau Latour
  5. Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
  6. Chateau Haut-Brion
Cabernet Sauvignon: A bit of firm and hard, Cabernet Sauvignon refreshes you like nothing else. The best way to get the taste of it is by rolling it in your mouth for sometime and then gulping it down.

Pinot Noir: One of the best red wines in the world, Pinot Noir is available at a price range of $30 to $100. The hypnotic aroma and spicy flavor of the wine makes it an unforgettable experience tasting this wine. Made from cherry, raspberry and plum, the smooth taste of this wine will make every occasion special. Some of the famous producers of this red wine are:
  1. Leroy
  2. Faiveley
  3. Joseph Drouhin
  4. Domaine de la Romanee Conti
  5. Henri Perrot-Minot
  6. Jaffelin
  7. Louis Jadot
Beaujolais: One of the best-flavored red wines in the world, Beaujolais is known for its fruity essence and spicy aroma. Made in France, this form of wine is also made in California. Some of these red wines also have floral fragrance, which makes it an enjoyable experience for the drinker. Some of the finest producers of Beaujolais wine are:
  1. Louis Jadot of France
  2. Georges DuBoeuf in France
Zinfandel: Rich and red, this beverage is made of blackcurrant, oak, blackberry, herbs and smoke. The more you have love for flavors the better this wine will work out for you. The amazing aroma of the wine will make you crave for more. Let us have a look at some of the best producers of this wine.
  1. Stacked Stone
  2. Turley
  3. Four Vines
  4. Brochelle
  5. Grey Wolf
  6. Nadeau Family
Shiraz or Syrah: Rich fruity flavor and the delicious fragrance of the wine will for sure make your taste buds tingle with anticipation. Some of the largest producers of this wine are:
  1. Paul Jaboulet
  2. Clape
  3. Chante-Perdrix
  4. Guigal
  5. M. Chapoutier
Italian Chianti: Made of Sangiovese grape, this is considered one of the finest red wines. Rich flavor and great aroma is what make sit so special. Some of the top producers of this wine are:
  1. Fontodi
  2. Ruffino
  3. Antinori
  4. Nozzole
Barbera: Not only tastes good, but this red wine is also a great ingredient for most types of pastas cooked around the world. This is one of the cheapest wines available at a price of $7 to $15.

Barolo: Made of Nebbiolo grape, this wine is known for the earthy flavor. Some of the famous names in Borolo wine are Antonio Gaja, and Produttori del Barbaresco.

Barbaresco: It is also a famous wine made of black grapes and blackberries. Priced at $15 to $100, select your choice from the wide array of flavors available.

The top 10 red wines can make every occasion an unforgettable experience for all. From parties to social dinner, this can for sure spice up your meals.

Top 10 Rose Wines In The World

A fusion of taste and class, a lustrous shimmer of color and of course, that magical delight of flavor makes rose wines the typical drink of the elites. Rose wines, also known as the blush wines, are the most desired choice of the era not only because of its hue and redden but definitely for its mellow flavor. The typical fruity taste of the rose wines ideally tames the palate before having spicy foods.

Also known as the 'summertime wines' , the rose wines are actually one of the best wines which ideally 'starts and ends with a smile'. Dark red grapes are chosen to give that desired tinge of pinkish purple to make the top 10 rose wines in the world lot more interesting.

Sometimes the red wine are often mixed with the white wines to make the rose wines. The classical mellowness of the red wine teamed with the magical crispness of the white wines are ideally harmonized in this particular form of rose wines which is regarded as one of the most cherished appetizers and even the most fascinating party drink to illustrate your taste and exclusivity.

Although styles may vary yet rose wines are a lot simpler than that of the heavyweight red or white wines. A smooth flavor teamed with the sweet tang adds to the uniqueness of the rose wines which is of course a drink which classifies its own class. The fresh flavor of the rose wine offers a crunchy crisp palate which befits almost every feel whilst coifing the mood to make each party an account to treasure.

Would you be interested to lay out your party table with the scintillating splendor of the rose wines to add that little extra to your party mood? Well then, stay linked to Mydearvalentine.com as after much research we have listed the top 10 rose wines in the world to make your party definitely an articulation of your class.

L'Agary Languedoc Rose: Dark red grapes predominate this particular kind of rose wine which adds to its cherry redden whilst making it a drink with a juicy, fresh, and lively palate to suit every mood.

Rose Laudun: Made from dark grapes a fruity after taste laces this wine whilst making it one of the refreshing drinks of its own class. Raspberries and cherries outline the aroma of this wine and is definitely one of the luxurious drinks to craft the ideal party mood.

Edoardo Miroglio: This rose wine with its rich fruity taste adds to the class of any party with its flush and taste and with its exclusivity and rareness. The typical fruity taste delineates the aroma of the drink whilst crafting it as the choice of the selected few.

Wolf Dr. Loose Rose Pinot: The term 'light and refreshing' finds a definite diction in this particular type of rose wine. Light, clear with a fruity relish enlaces this rose wine whilst making it one of the classy drinks of sheer majesty.

Castel D'Age Merlot Rose: Organically cultivated old vines resulted in this particular kind of rose wine. A mellow tang teamed with the flavor of the wild berries adds to the rareness of this drink whilst making it quite a choice of the era.

Prosecco Galileo Marca: This is typically a summerwine trusted for its lightness and balmy taste. Dark grapes are organically processed to add to the mellow taste of this wine. This particular rose wine is of course an example of exclusivity and smoothness.

Graham Beck Brut Rose: A harmonious blend of pinot noir and Chardonnay crafts this rose wine as the drink of the elites. Adequate cooling and an apt aging method further adjoin to the maturity of the drink whilst crafting its anchor with that tinge of rareness and matchlessness.

Secret Syrah Domaine Dieu - Rose: The rich red grapes of the Rhone valley are ideally transformed into this bottled lyric whilst adding to its mellowness and taste. Be it for a celebration or to make an evening an expression of your majesty this particular rose wine acts as that magic wand.

NV. Andre Bergere Rose Champagne: The light purple color enlaced with aromas of strawberry, citrus and herbs makes this particular rose wine the drink to illustrate your class.

Billecart Salmon Brut Rose Champagne: An incredible delicate color of the onion skin makes this wine the choice of the chosen few to enhance the party mood. A delicate fruity taste braided with the elegant aroma adds to the magnificence of the drink whilst making it one of the popular choices of the era.

Top 10 Dessert Wines

Typically considered as the drink of the chosen few, wine is the beverage for celebration and toasts. It is the dark redden teamed with the balmy aroma enlaced with its classical flavor that makes wine a drink to illustrate one's class and elegance. Be it for any fiesta, it is the undeniable class and style of the drink that add that adds flute to the fete. Sweet wines or dessert wines, as they are generally called, are again another saga of the transformation of the fruits into that 'scintillating bottled lyric' to affirm the hallmark of your grace. The introduction of wine as the afters has further added to the triumph of the Top 10 dessert wines in world and has added a novel articulation to the charm of the drink.

Dessert wine or the sweet wine is for them who like to taste the redolence without compromising on the quality. Top 10 dessert wines are therefore designed for the entire sweet- tooths who bespeaks for a sugar laden and syrupy afters in order to tame the palate following a spicy meal.Will you be interested to woo your guests with delightful finery of top 10 dessert wines in world? Well,look no further as we have short listed some of the top rated dessert wines to add pulsating shimmer at your dinner table.Be assured the taste and aroma of the sweet wines will simply not only entice your guests but definitely will be a chic approach to epitomize your class.

Port Wine: Conventionally served as a dessert wine the sweetness of the port wine is sure to add that desired magic to any party. Port wine or port as it has been named is basically a fortified wine from the rare vineyards of the Duoro valley in Portugal. With it's class and seamless elegance, with its sweet aftertaste and balmy aroma vintage port wine is one of the most desired dessert wine of the era.

Sweet Sherry: The fusion of dark sherry with sweet wine results into this dark, rich wine enlaced with a sugary finish. With 20 - 22% of alcohol content the sweet sherry is classically intended to cater to the dessert lovers.

Tokaji: Dry, sweet with a balmy aftertaste makes Tokaji the most satisfying dessert wine with a distinct class of its own. Tokaji is a classy wine from the historical wine region and its sweet taste has added that little 'extra' to any party from the remote past.

Sauternes: if sweetness is the priority then Sauternes is there to make your party table a plush illustration of your class. This classical sweet wine is typically made from the botrytis which is the moisture covering of the grape. The delicious, golden wine with its delicate sweet taste is sure to a festive flute to the carnival.

Muscatel: golden or the amber reddens of the muscatel wine braided with its delicate sugary taste is sure to add glitter to your party mood. As categorized as the dessert wine Muscatel with its seamless style coifs the party mood in an elegant way.

Riverview Cellars Estate Winery Vidal Icewine: intense flavor of ripe peaches ideally smothered in honey adds mellowness and sweetness to the clan fruity flavor of the wine whilst making it one of the most preferred luxury wines.

Lamoreaux Landing's Vidal Ice Wine: Bursting with typical tropical fruit flavor this sweet wine is sure to tame any palate with its syrupy after taste.

Golden Rose: processed from the Concord grapes this is basically a wine with a sweet taste. The essentially fruity and balmy savor of the wine typically categorizes as the dessert wine of sheer luxury.

Cumberland White: the fruity tang of the wine laced with a classy aroma makes this wine as typically a dessert wine of great taste. Processed from the chosen Niagara grapes the wine pampers every palate in the most eloquent way.

Sonata: The fusion of color and taste, the magical balance of fruity aroma and sugary taste makes this wine typically a sonata of class and style. The thick, dark, rich wine from the late harvest of Syrah is a great choice for your table.

Know more on the top 10 dessert wines in the world whilst flipping through the pages of Mydearvalentine.com.


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