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Top 10 ways to get rid of your annoying boyfriend

1. Ditch His Phone Calls: In case you are actually pissed off by his actions and can't take his nagging anymore, just avoid his calls for few days. Else, pick up after 3-4 missed calls. Let your boyfriend feel that there is definitely something wrong.

2. Stop replying to His Messages: Does he text you recklessly and you reply just on the spot? Well, you gotta stop doing that. In order to make him feel unimportant, do not reply to his texts for days. Let him get the required hints.


3. Put pictures with other guys on Facebook: This sounds cheesy right? But this actually works if you really want to get rid of your annoying boyfriend. Let him see that you are happy without his presence in life.


4. Give him hints through your social media updates: When was the last time you updated a sensational status on your facebook or twitter account? If you haven’t done that in long time, do it now. Update a status that can leave him speechless.

5. Avoid hanging out with him: To kick him off from your life, you must avoid going out with him often. If he asks you out, just refuse him outrightly.

Top 10 ways to get rid of your annoying boyfriend 6. Praise other guys in front of him: This can prove to be one of the best ways to avoid your boyfriend. Whenever he comes to meet you, start talking about your other male friends and he will get annoyed automatically.

7. Criticize his salary Package: Yes, talking negatively about the salary package of your guy can leave him humiliated and he himself will think about distancing apart from you. Try this, it can work wonders in creating the rift.

8. Tell him about the man of your dreams: Yeah that’s right! Break his illusion that you are going to be with him all your life. Let him know what you actually deserve and desire.

9. Make him feel unimportant: Whenever he is around you, keep yourself busy with texting or pick up the phone calls of even the most random people. He will get the feeling that you are not interested in him anymore.

10. Criticize His Appearance: Want to make him feel miserable? You can give him the biggest blow of his life by commenting on his looks and comparing him with other good looking guys.

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