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Types of Women Who Cheat

1. If She is too much into her “Male” Friends: It might sound conservative to people, but somewhere down the line it does makes sense. If a committed woman spends a bit too much time with his male friends without any specific reason, there is a possibility that she is cheating on you. Stay alert!

Types of Women Who Cheat 2. If she had a significant number of affairs in past: Guys, if you are dating girls that are having an extremely colorful past in terms of love and relationships, beware! You have to keep a check on your girl and make sure she isn't double dating with you!


3. If she isn't bothered about your moods: You had a bad day at office and you want her to by your side, but its not happening! If this is your situation most of the time, you are definitely dating a wrong girl. Because, a perfect partner is always concerned about of what all your going through in life.


4. If she is having friends that love to double-date: Have you ever notice the kind of company your girlfriend keeps? If you haven't done that yet, make sure you do it as soon as possible. Because, bad influence of friends can easily make or break a relationship!

5. If she keeps on canceling her plans with you: It might happen once or maybe twice. But if she keeps on doing the same thing again and again, there is something fishy going on in her head. So, the next time she cancels any of her plans with you, enquire her properly!

6. If she easily gets bored: In case your girlfriend gets a lot of mood swings and easily gets bored with things, you must not take it lightly. In future, she might lose her interest in you as well!

7. If she is not eager to meet your family: It may not be necessary for a girlfriend to meet her boyfriend’s parents. However after spending few years in a relationship, if a guy wants to take it further and wants to take his to parents, she should not refuse him. If she does, she is definitely giving a second thought about being with you forever!

8. If she focuses on “I” rather than “Us”: If your situation is the same, you need get a reality check of your relationship. A girl who is self centred and looks for her “comfort” always, can never be a part of your future!

9. If her ego is bigger than the relationship: You can never imagine your life with a girl who puts her ego above everything else and don't bothers about rest of the things. Try to get out that relationship soon!

10. If you cant trust her wholeheartedly: You love her and feel committed with her! Is that enough to seal your relationship? Remember, if you aren't 100% sure of her commitment towards you, think about it and make your decisions wisely!


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