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Types of Cheating Men

Here are some of the situations that can tell you how loyal is your partner and can also help you in making a right decision about your love life.

1. Guys who are always “secretive”: If your guy tends to hide a lot of things from you and make it obvious in front of you, keep a check on him. There should be certain amount of transparency in a relationship and the level of trust should be extremely high!

Types of Cheating Men 2. Guy who doubts your intentions: A relationship without trust holds no meaning and is totally not worth it. So, if a guy who keeps on doubting your commitment is probably not doing justice to your relationship


3. Guy who loves you for “appearance”: If he keeps on praising you about you look and wants to date you because you are hot, beware! He might cheat you for some other girl in future. You don't need someone who loves you for the way you dress up!


4. Guy who ignores you in public: You are dating him for many years now but he is still uncomfortable with you in crowd? If yes, you need to pull your socks up and keep a check on him. Remember, your guy should be proud to have you in his life.

5. If he keeps “flirting with other girls”: Once a while its ok, but if it keeps on happening every time, you got to be extremely careful. Because, every guy who is in a relationship should hold some amount of dignity and respect towards the girl he loves!

6. The guy who has a bad track record in relationships: The main problem is not when you date a guy who have been in relationships earlier. But if the same guy is not guilty about it and boosts his number of relationships in public, he is not the one for you!

7. The one who keeps on criticizing you: If your boyfriend keeps on insulting you and criticizing you over the cloths you wear or the way look, do not take his shit and move on. He is probably going to cheat you in future!

8. Guy who is not bothered about your mood swings: Everyone goes through a lot in life and at this point of time, you need someone to be by your side and understand what you are feeling at the very moment. If your guy does the same, then it fine. But of you feel alone despite being in a committed relationship, then you must give a second thought to the guy who claims to be in love with you!

9. If he never cancels his plans for you: It’s fair to ask for a space in every love relationship. But at times it feels nice when a guy ditch his plans with friends and give a pleasant surprise to his girl. If he is not doing so, he might leave you anytime in future!

10. If he keeps you away from family If there is anything that can be considered as the biggest proof of love, is a guy taking a girl to meet his family. If a guy is not doing so even after many years of relationship, you are probably stuck with a wrong guy!


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