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Top 10 Tips to make Yourself Attractive to Guys

Women often puzzle over how to get a guy to notice them, but the process is far less complicated than we all make it out to be. Below are 10 of the most successful tips for attracting new boyfriend.

1. Try a subtle approach. Some guys might be put off if you come on too strongly. An overbearing attitude can be unattractive, so rein yourself in if you get too excited. This doesn’t mean that you need to be quiet and submissive—just be conscious of how you are coming across.

2. Learn about his interests. Most men dream of finding a woman with whom they can share the things that they enjoy. Knowledge of his hobbies will give you an edge if you want to attract him. You don’t have to pretend to be an expert, as even knowing just a little will pique his interest.

3. Take your time. This is an especially important tip if trying to attract a guy makes you nervous. Even if you’re filled with a torrent of emotions, remember that there’s always time to step back and evaluate the situation. If you make a mistake, you can easily recover. Let the thought that you have all the time in the world give you confidence.

4. Don’t be shy. Women in our society are sometimes afraid of making the first move, but you don’t need to hold yourself to these archaic standards. Lots of guys would love for a woman to take initiative in the early days of a relationship. If you want him, go for him!

5. Flatter him. Men love having their egos stroked, which gives you the opportunity to get on his good side quickly. Don’t be false with your praise—lying isn’t a great way to start off a romance. Since there are things that you already admire about him, just be sure to let him know.

6. Be warm and personable. You want your crush to see the real you, so don’t be afraid to let your humanity shine through. Be positive and charming when you speak to him, and smile often. Avoid complaining or going on long-winded rants. Think about the kind of person you most like to talk to, and how you can emulate that behavior.

7. Dress for success. Your perfect guy is going to care about more than looks, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance. Looking your best is a sign of confidence and stability, so go ahead and put some thought into how you want to appear to him.

8. Leave him wanting more. Don’t rush to play all your cards in the first hand. Showing confidence and poise will attract him more easily than an overblown display, while also ensuring that you’ll have his respect later on. Give him what he wants in small doses so that he’ll be coming back for more.

9. Be sensitive. Try to attune yourself to his feelings and moods. If something is bothering him, ask him to tell you about it (but don’t force the issue if he wants to clam up). Be sympathetic to his positions and beliefs, but be sure not to lie about sharing them if that is not the case.

10. Be yourself. This is the most crucial advice of all. You can be subtle, you can accentuate your best traits, but never lie about who you really are. If you try to be something that you’re not, even if you do attract a guy initially, the relationship will never last. Let your honesty charm him into wanting to be with the real you.


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