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Tips to Make Yourself Attractive to Girls

Met a girl whom you have started liking, but then haven’t been able to impress her yet? Is that your story or is it that when it comes to women you are quite at a fix.


Perhaps the fear of saying something unacceptable to her unconsciously is eating you up from within. In addition, whenever you seem to like a girl and want to express it, something goes wrong in the process.


If this has been happening for sometime now, then you seriously need some help in the dating and relationship zone. Most importantly, you need some useful tips to make yourself more attractive to girls.

Top 5 Tips to be attractive to women

Talking about tips to make yourself attractive to girls, it does not mean that you have to launch yourself in a herculean task. That is where most men go wrong. They always try hard. This is exactly what we are going to advice you. When you are thinking about how to impress women, be easy on yourself. Here is how you can achieve it.

Always be yourself.
This is exactly what she will like. Never try to be someone else when you are entering the dating zone. If you try to be the person that she wants and comply with everything, then eventually it will land you into trouble. When she realizes who you actually are, the façade would be quite putting off for her. One of the basic tips to attract women is always to be yourself and be comfortable in it.


Always communicate with her
That surely does not mean that you have to speak with her 24 X 7. This rather implies that you hold a conversation with her. It is very important to match a minimal wavelength. Try to figure out her areas of interest, her values, and beliefs. If you know of any activity, in which she takes active part, gather information about it. Discuss about her hobbies, likes, ambitions and goals. So if you have been thinking about what to talk about, there is so much you take references of. Now when you are speaking, do not go all overboard on speaking. Do not speak too much so that she feels left out and do not remain quite for long, as that might make her feel disinterested.


Be Confident
They say if you are confident then half the battle is won. This holds true for even when you trying to attract girls. Women have a liking for smart and confident men. This does not mean, you appear over confident or a dandy. Be confident of who and what you are.


Smart Dressing
You may ask, what has looks have to do in matters of the heart? Well, as they you need to appeal to the eyes first. Seeing is as good as believing. That again does not mean that you have to be a Hollywood super model. You just need to be presentable and well dressed. For this, know what looks good on you. Dress in what you are most comfortable that only opting for style. Today, you can be simple, sober and stylish all at the same go. If you are not sure what looks best on you, seek help from a wardrobe consultant.


A hearty and genuine smile is what does most of the tricks. So use that often. There is nothing called the picture perfect smile. As long as you mean it, that is good enough. Besides a smile always makes you connect with the other person!

These were some of the useful tips to make yourself attractive to girls that you can start implementing from now on!

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