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Tips for Happy Marriage

Tips for Happy Marriage 1.Never forget to prepare that special “morning tea” - All the wives out there, In case you think its not necessary to do this after many years of marriage, then you are sadly mistaken. Every single gesture counts when it comes to sustain a marriage forever. So never ever skip treating him with that steamy morning tea that you make exclusively for him!

2.Clean his wardrobe when he forgets - All men create a lot of mess with their clothes and leave their wardrobes as it is most of the time. In this case, a dutiful wife must take some time to place his husband’s things in order and clean the mess of his wardrobe. He will be happy to see his things in order and will definitely value this gesture.

3.Keep his preferences in mind - Its ok that your choice of movies and food are totally different from that of your husbands. But at times, you must take care of his choices and the way he wants to spend the holiday. Because, he is been doing this for you since many years, and now its your turn.

4.Help him in picking out clothes - This might be a very small gesture but matters a lot when your husband is confused about clothes and he is running late for office. At this moment, it would be great if you can help him out in finding the right clothes. He will love you for saving his time.

5.Don't let him have his lunch outside regularly - We understand you are a working women and you are unable to prepare lunch for your husband on a daily basis. But at times, he gets tired of having his food outside. So, to save the charm of your married life, keep doing these small things.

6.Respect and affection matters: - If you wish to keep the spark alive in your marital life, make sure you respect your husband enough and value him for his inputs in your life!

7.Go out and have fun - If he is unable to take out some time be with you, make a plan on your own and surprise him with a couple movie tickets this weekend. He will surely appreciate your efforts.

8.Plan a grand birthday party - Its been a long time since you haven't celebrated his birthday and you wish plan something interesting this time? If yes, don't think much and do it right away! Your partner is going to love it

9.Go down the memory lane - Wouldn't it be great some day you take out all your old pictures and take a look at them together? It will be a refreshing experience for both of you as it will bring back a lot of sweet memories of your relationship.

10.Express more often - Couples who now married for many years, forget to express their love often and this leads to communication gap. To avoid this situation, you must express your love to each other at various occasions

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