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Top 10 Romantic Rock Ballads

Love is one of the most common themes of the romantic rock ballads; it is the central idea in almost every romantic ballad. It is all about the celebration of love; the illustration of being in love and the declaration of the idea of falling in love. The rock ballads are the saga of turning the dream into reality; the account of being in love and feeling the pain of love

On this page we have short listed the top 10 rock love ballads to stir up your emotion. Uncover the right way of articulating your emotion with the quixotic fervor of the top 10 romantic rock ballads.

"Can't help falling in love":
Considered as one of the top 10 romantic rock ballads "can't help falling in love" is one of the romantic songs by Elvis Presley. The intricate guitar works teamed with the unadorned tonal quality of Presley makes this song a vibrant illustration of the very idea of falling in love. Love is a feeling; a promise; a pledge to be with the beloved even in cloudy and clumsy weather—this very idea gains an articulate dimension in this track whilst making it one of the brilliant romantic ballads. After listening to this song you will fall for Elvis once again.A wonderful track by Elvis Presley; the track with its typical passionate lyrics coupled with Presley's innovative style is sure to transport you to the world of dreams.


"Love me tender" 

A must hear track "Love me tender" is for them who wants to "fade far away and dissolve" with their beloved whilst bidding bye to all the earthly worries. The captivating tune, the fascinating timber, the guitar works and above all Presley's stylish approach has embellished the track as one of the top 10 romantic rock ballads where celebrating the idea of being loved finds a definite dimension.

"Wish You Were Here":
A remarkable creation of "Pink Floyd" -- the track with its matchless guitar works and beats will surely entice you whilst making you realize that it is indeed a wonderful feeling to be in the arms of your beloved. The track has all the qualities of a romantic rock ballad which will not only envelope you to the world of eternities but will turn you into a believer of the very idea of falling in love - as it is only "love" which can wipe away "the same old fears " with its dreams and colors.

"Close To You"
The term emotion finds an articulate diction in this wonderful track by "carpenters". The song is a saga of true infatuation; an illustration of a deadly obsession and above all a portrayal of the craziness to come closer. The song is indeed a true romantic rock ballad of sheer intensity.

"I just died in your arms tonight"
A dream shattered. A colossal ship of ideas sank into the abyss of despair; the ache of a broken heart - it is indeed better to die tonight-- This is the central theme of this must hear track "I just died in your arms tonight" by "cutting crew". The pain of love, the ache of heartbreak has been ideally portrayed in this track through melancholic tune and wonderful lyrics.

"Right Here Waiting For You":
True love knows no bound. A true lover waits for his love to come back. "Oceans apart day after day"; night may meet the morrow; pain may not be soothed but still the lover waits for his beloved. This eternal waiting for the beloved; the never ending waiting for the dear one is ideally celebrated in this track "Right here waiting for you" by Richard Marx. The catchy tune further illustrates the central theme --whatever it takes, how deep the pain he feels yet he will wait for his beloved.

"Have you ever loved a woman"
Love is not only walking hand in hand but a lot more. It is a promise to share and care; a pledge to understand each other. In this track "have you ever loved a woman" Bryan Adams" ideally depicts how important it is to understand her to love her more. A track of sheer emotion "have you ever loved a woman" is just not a song but a dream to share with your beloved.

"It's Only Love":
Love is just not only the pulsating shimmer of wines, the charm of roses, the luscious delight of chocolates or the dreams of fading away with your beloved. Love is a feeling; an emotion which actually can excel all the realisms. It can soothe you with its tenderness; love can calm you whilst in pain. "Beatles" thus depicts the power of love in this wonderful track "it's only love" as it is indeed only the feeling of love which can transport you to the eternal world of beauty and trance.

"I wish it would rain down"
"Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought" - this truth finds a remarkable expression in this particular track "I wish it would rain down". Melancholic tune, an aching timbre laces this track whilst making it one of the top 10 romantic love ballads by Phil Collins. The dejected sad lover will walk in the rain - as he will hide her memories in his tears and then will hide his tears in the rain.

"You're the first, the last, my everything"
The song is a declaration of being in love; a celebration of falling in love. Barry White is found at his best in this track which is indeed an effort to cajole the lover's heart. A majestic lyric coupled with White's style makes it an ardent expression of the very feeling of love.


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