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Romantic One-liners For Him

Romantic One-liners For Him

Girls who wish to keep the love and charm intact in their relationship, these romantic text messages can surely help them out.

1. If you were a tear, i would never dare to cry, because i might lose you! I love you more than anything else baby!

2. I wrote your name in the sky, clouds removed it. I wrote your name in the sand, air removed it. Thats why i wrote your name in the sky, so that nobody can even touch it.


3. Love is not a game to play, love is not the word to say, it is something which will remain with you tomorrow and today! You are the man of my dreams.


4. You know what is the first thing that i notice in every guy, the fact that he is not YOU! You are the only one who rules my heart!

5. You know what is love? It is thinking about that one special person more than you think about yourself! If the same the same happens with you, you are surely in love!

6. If i have to choose between loving and breathing, i will choose to live so that i can take your name till my last breath

7. You are my life, you are my hope, your my inspiration, you are my motivation. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

8. A day spent away from you, is as good as a day spent without being alive. Baby i am always there for you.

9. You know which was the best day of my life? When you and me became we! Love you sweetheart.

10. I get goosebumps from just a thought of you touching me! Baby, you make me sweep off my feet.


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