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Romantic Songs - Top 10 Most Romantic Songs

Romance would be incomplete without love songs to rekindle the flame of passion in the hearts of lovers. From slow romantic numbers to passionate love songs, we bring you top 10 romantic love songs that can create romantic moments for all kinds of romantic relationships.

These love songs have topped the hit charts of their time and won hearts with its amazing melodies and mind-blowing lyrics.
Let us have a look at some of the best love songs of all time, which can make every moment of togetherness memorable and passionate for lovers of all ages.


Best Romantic Love Songs


  1. And I Love Her by Beatles: One of the best romantic songs by Beatles, composed and released in the year 1964, 'And I love her' has become one of the greatest romantic songs ever written and sung. Sentimental and melodious, this love song never fails to remind you of that special woman in your life.
  2. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton: Written in the year 1977 by Eric Clapton, 'Wonderful Tonight' will always be sung by the lovers who can't stop admiring the beauty of their beloved. Sensual and touching, both the lyrics and melody of this song evokes ultimate passion in the heart of all lovers.
  3. Baby, Baby by Amy Grant: One of the favorite pop love songs of all time, this song was sung by Amy Grant in the year 1991. A wonderful melody, brilliant lyrics and an amazing video to go with it makes every moment of this song an experience to remember.
  4. I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher: Composed in the year 1965, this song is a wonderful duo performance by Sonny and Cher. When love comes, nothing else in the world seems to be important anymore and that is what is conveyed through this song.
  5. You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder: Sung by Stevie Wonder in the year 1972, this is a great romantic love song, which praises romance and love in style. From heart touching emotions to a wonderful melody to convey it, this song is perhaps the best of all times.
  6. Still the One by Orleans: From commercials to private functions, this song has never failed to cater to romantic hearts. Composed and performed in the year 1976 by Orleans, this song is famous for its superb lyrics and amazing style of singing.

  1. Stand by Me by Ben E. King: Composed in year 1961 and performed by the great romantic singer Ben E. King of all time, this song will definitely remind you of your teenage romance.
  2. I Melt with You by Modern English: Performed by the modern band named Modern English, this song created a ripple among lovers in the year 1982. Not only the practical lyrics that the song sings but also the gorgeous melody of the song had made it the best through the mid 80s.
  3. Happy Together by Turtles: Soul touching lyrics and a gorgeous melody, this song was one of the best romance songs in the mid and late 60s. Performed in the year 1967 by Turtles, love can't be expressed better than done in this song.
  4. Always and Forever by Heatwave: Smooth and romantic, this song written in the year 1967 and was performed by the Heatwave group. The lyrics complementing the romantic melody of this song will for sure steal your heart.

Whether you are married or in a romantic relationship, top 10 romantic love songs can never fail to add to the passion and spice of it. Try playing these songs when you are with beloved and win his/her heart in style!


Top 10 Romantic Songs


1. At Last – Etta James

Yes, we must start this list with a classic, as nothing is more romantic then this ballad of love in the bewitching voice of Etta James. With opening lyrics like “At last, My love has come along, My lonely days are over, And life is like a song”, how can it not be in the top 20?


2. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

While this Titanic love song was so overplayed all through 1997 to the point that it started to be a joke, a lapse of 15 years has finally reprieved it. Think back to why this song was so requested in the first place. It is an epic love song being sung by the powerful voice of Celine Dion.


3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John

Sure, it was written for an animated movie, but come on! Disney has a tradition of beautiful love songs, and that paired up with Elton John means it is one of the most romantic songs to date.


4. I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Elvis Presley

Nothing says romance like the king. With lyrics like “Take my hand, take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you” sung in Presley’s silky voice, it can’t help but be anything but pure romance.


5. My Boo – Usher and Alicia Keys

If you are looking for something a little more current, with modern language but still with plenty of romance than this duet is your song.


6. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Dolly Parton may have sung this tune first, but most romantics will tell you it doesn’t get better than the late Whitney Houston’s version. Sad, touching and romantic, it is hard not to let this song take your breath away at the chorus.


7. Everything I Do (I Do It For You) – Bryan Adams

This may also rank on the cheesy meter a little, but romance often does. This song sold 8 million copies, so you know it is a popular tune. And with Adam’s earthy heartfelt voice belting it out, you’ll know why.


8. I Swear – All For One

There were a lot of boy bands in the 90’s that belted out a number of songs meant to romance tweens, but this is one song that people of all ages enjoy and has gotten played at numerous weddings ever since.


9. This I Promise You – ‘NSYNC

Speaking of boy bands, this is another truly romantic song from one of the most popular boy bands of the 90s.


10. Kiss From A Rose – Seal

The famous couple may be over, but this love song will never end.


11. Love Story – Taylor Swift

Thought all the romantic songs were gone these days? Try on this light but very romantic tune by the darling Taylor Swift. With talk of Romeo and Juliet, it is hard not to fall in love.


12. Storybook Love – Mark Knopfler

This may be a song not known by many today, but it is truly romantic. Those who loved the movie “The Princess Bride” already know it, but those that don’t will still enjoy the beautiful melody and lyrics like “Come my love I'll tell you a tale, Of a boy and girl and their love story”.


13. I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) – Meatloaf

This is the song for those that like a little bit of power ballad with their romantic lyrics. And the “That” that has been confusing the clueless for years, is fully revealed in the lyrics, and too, is romantic.


14. Words of Love – The Beatles

If you are a Beatles fan then you are sure to have your favorite song that you consider the most romantic. This song was originally written by Buddy Holly, and is considered even by non-fans to really be a pure romance tune.


15. I Cross My Heart – George Strait

For those romantic lovers of country music, this is one of the best. With lyrics like “Let’s stay the way we are right now, and share all the love and laughter that a lifetime will allow“ it is hard not to feel the love with this one.


16. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

The lyrics of this song are as romantic as they come, and while there are various versions and covers, no one sings it like Cocker.


17. The Way you Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

You can’t have a romance song list without a little Sinatra. There are plenty of songs to choose from by the singer, but this is the one that gets mentioned most often for romance.


18. When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge

Forget love potions, if you want to win the girl, this is the song you should be playing.


19. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You –Frankie Valli

Nostalgic romance of a bygone era, but still one of the most romantic songs to date.


20. You Saved the Best for Last – Vanessa Williams

And much like the lyrics suggest, we saved the best romantic song for last.


Top Romantic Songs

  1. "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias: "Hero" is a wonderful song from Enrique's famous album Escape. This song was a great hit and did a good business throughout the world. "Hero" was first released in radio in November 2001. Till today, this song is considered to be one of the biggest hits in Enrique's singing career.
  2. "The Power of Love" - by Celine Dion: "The Power of Love" was first recorded by Jennifer Rush in the year 1984. In later years, Celine Dion gave a special contribution to this famous song. This song was nominated for many famous awards.
  3. "In Your Eyes" - by Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel made an excellent effort in the making of this song. It became more popular when performed live on Saturday Night Live.
  4. "Amazed" - by Lonestar: "Amazed" is actually a power ballad recorded by an American music group Lonestar. The song was later covered by Bonnie Tyler and Duncan James.
  5. "Lady" - by Kenny Rogers: Kenny Rogers is a well-known singer and is noted for his great compositions. In 1986, he received the award for the "favorite singer of all-time". "Lady" is one of his great compositions that has won many nominations for its outstanding music.
  6. "Wonderful Tonight" - by Eric Clapton: "Wonderful Tonight" is one of the popular romantic songs. This song became a great hit of its time. Eric Clapton did a wonderful job in this song.
  7. "Wicked Game" - By Chris Isaak: "Wicked Song" was sung by Chris Isaak in 1989 for his album 'Heart Shaped World'. The final version of the song came into the market after many arrangements. The song talks about the rejection of a true love.
  8. "Crash Into Me" - by The Dave Matthews Band: "Crash Into Me" acquired number seven on the Billboard's Modern Rock tracks. This song portrays beautiful feelings of women.
  9. "I Could Fall In Love"- by Selena: "I could fall in love" is a great song powered enough to make you fall in love. Selena is one of the first Latin artists to lend her voice for an English song. In her short span of life, she reached great heights in her singing career.
  10. "No One" - by Alicia Keys: American R&B composed "No One" for their third album "As I Am". "No One" was voted as number 42 for the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs. This song has also achieved the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song at the 2008 Grammy Awards on February 10, 2008.


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