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Jazz Love Songs - Top 10

There's nothing more romantic than listening to a song that touches your heart. The world has heard some of the most beautiful romantic jazz songs that are still sung and loved by millions. While some profess their love by stealing lines from a jazz song, others play these songs at the background to impress their partner.

Wonderful voice, excellent music and touching lyrics create a romantic ambiance. If you really want to win your beloved's heart, make him/her listen to these soothing songs and say cheers to romance.

Here is a carefully curated list of ten most romantic jazz songs performed by some of the renowned singers of all time.

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1. Ella Fitzgerald—“All the Things You Are”

“Queen Ella” may just be the best jazz vocalist who has ever lived, making it hard to pick out only one song to represent her gifts. A good example, however, would be “All the Things You Are,” a 1939 show tune that finds sublime expression in Ella Fitzgerald’s hands (or throat, as we should say).

2. Louis Armstrong—“Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Legendary jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong is almost as well known for his unique, raspy voice as for his virtuoso playing. He is widely considered to be the most important figure to popularize jazz in the early twentieth century. Armstrong’s version of “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” a 1931 standard, is as sweet as they come.

3. Frank Sinatra—“As Time Goes By”

Here we have a combination of two pinnacles of romance: crooner Frank Sinatra and the movie Casablanca. Although the song was written in 1931, its use in Casablanca exposed millions of people to it for the first time. A newly popular tune, it went on to become a staple among prominent jazz singers such as Sinatra.

4. Billie Holiday—“Crazy He Calls Me”

Billie Holiday, one of the most famous jazz singers, recorded this song in 1949. Although at the time it was a modest hit on the charts, it has since become much-loved and was even inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Holiday was known especially for her emotional style, and it finds great expression in this jazz classic.

5. Nat King Cole—“Unforgettable”

“Unforgettable” is the signature song of Nat King Cole, one of the jazz greats and also a successful variety show host in the 1950s. He faced the harsh effects of racism throughout his career, but still became world-famous. He was an admired crooner, considered to be in the same class as other legends Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

6. Norah Jones—“Come Away with Me”

Released in 2002, the titular track from Norah Jones’s “Come Away with Me” made a huge splash among both listeners and music critics. The soft, seductive sound of Norah Jones’s voice, combined with the musical sophistication of the song, make it absolutely irresistible to lovers and dreamers alike.

7. Sarah Vaughan—“Body and Soul”

Much-admired singer Sarah Vaughan actually launched her career with this 1930 jazz standard, winning a talent competition with her performance at a theater in 1942. Often called “The Divine One,” Sarah Vaughan is often held up next to other seminal jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

8. Tony Bennet—“Blue Velvet”

With a voice softer than silk, Tony Bennet is considered to be one of the finest jazz crooners of the century. His performance of “Blue Velvet” is probably the signature version of the song, which has been enchanting listeners for over 60 years with its slow tempo and luscious lyrical imagery.

9. Harry Connick, Jr.—“We Are in Love”

Harry Connick, Jr. is perhaps the most important jazz singer of the contemporary era and has even been hailed as “a modern-day Frank Sinatra.” His performance of “We Are in Love” at the 1991 Grammy Awards enthralled the audience and rocketed him to stardom soon afterwards.

10. Michael Bublé—“You And I”

The most famous jazz vocalist to come from Canada, Michael Bublé is known for his ability to melt an audience with his voice. A singer of both old-fashioned and more modern tunes, Bublé gives a heartstopping rendition of Stevie Wonder’s 1972 hit (which is alternatively titled “You and I (We Can Conquer the World)”).

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