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Romantic Foods of Love

1. Chocolate anytime: Yeah! you got it right! Chocolate is something which brings a little smile on our faces effortlessly. But have you ever thought of using it as an ingredient of romance? If not yet, use it now. The after effects will be as smooth and sweet as its texture.

Romantic Texts 2. A Cocktail to remember: Well, this is something mandatory for a girl who is trying to seduce his guy and spend some magical romantic moments with him. The moment he is back from work, give him a soothing shoulder massage and prepare a refreshing drink for him. It works wonders!


3. Bake a cake: How about baking a delicious cake for your spouse instead of buying it from outside on his birthday? So take out some time and surprise him by creating a nice heart shaped cake for him on his special day. It will give him the best feeling of the world.


4. The Ice-Cream joy: Ice Cream hands down is the most sexiest desert of all times. It just fills your heart and stomach with love. So next time, prepare a dessert equipped with ice cream and see how he goes gaga over you. And yes, this is indeed one of the most romantic foods of love

5. It should be finger-lickin-good: If you are planning to prepare a special dinner for him tonight, make sure you are picking quality over quantity. Make food in less quantity, but it should be finger licking good. Cook what he likes the most and pay attention to the icing of your cuisines.

6. That flavour of “Ghar Ka khana”: It is a fact that romance develops best at home. So whenever you both are home alone next time, cook for each other. Nothing can be more romantic than a cozy candle-light dinner at home.

7. How about some Italian?: Thinking about feasting with your girl this weekend and wish to impress her with food? Dude, you must take her to the best Italian restaurant of the city. Girls love to have Italian cuisines and they will never say no to it.

8. Add some spice: Ok, enough of chocolates and cakes, now try cooking something that make him go red. Yeah, you got it right. Prepare a cuisine that is spicy, saucy and delicious at the same time. He is going to love it for sure

9. Feed him from your hands: You might have made the best of cuisines for him and he might have loved all of them to perfection. But did he got the actual flavour? Well lady, you gotta make him eat from your hand and trust me, this is romance at its best.

10. Ambiance Matters: Whether you both are planning to eat at home or in a restaurant. Make sure the place adds some extra excitement to your romantic dinner.

These are the topmost romantic foods that can make you charm you man all over again


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