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Country Love Songs - Top 10 Romantic Country Love Songs

A Great Country love song goes beyond mentioning the word “love”. With its roots deeply associated with the traditional aspects of the folk music, Blues, Celtic music, hokum, old time music and the gospel music, "country songs" have been reckoned as the tune to entice you with its earthly wonders. Country songs with their uncomplicated idea, simple lyrics and catchy tune, exemplify the true feeling of love.

Be it the rich ballad form of country songs with neat lyrics or be it the "quirky and funny" country songs it is the idea of love that is celebrated in a distinct way. The country songs with their tone, tune and lyrics will surely transport you to the world of love.


Tim McGraw -"I Like It, I Love It" : This is one of the best romantic country songs by Tim McGraw. The very intense feeling of love and romance and the passionate declaration of being in love laces this track whilst embellishing the song as one of the tracks to remind you of your special someone.

Martina McBride - "Safe in the Arms of Love": Say bye to all your worries and tension; feel love in your pulses whilst lying down in the arms of love. Martina McBride offers the listener a magical world of love and warmth.

Travis Tritt: -- "Can I trust you with my heart": A typical romantic country song this track is one of the greatest hits of Travis Tritt. The unadorned tonal quality, the passionate lyrics teamed up with the creative guitar work embellishes 'Can I trust you with my heart' as the track of sheer passion.

Keith Urban—"Your Everything": Passion invigorates this country song and it is the very typical Australian accent and tonal quality of Keith Urban which makes this song an obsessive expression of love and above all an illustration of the feeling of falling in love. Unwind your senses whilst listening to this track and rediscover the idea of celebrating the feeling of love in an eloquent way.

Kenny Chesney - "It Don't Happen Twice": this is one of Kenny's best romantic country songs which can definitely turn anybody into a believer of true love. Love can happen only once. The all enticing feelings of love can only happen once in love whilst leaving a never-ending impression throughout your life. Listen to this track with your beloved and enjoy the feeling of being in love.

Collin Raye - "And I love so": an honest declaration of love; a true illustration of the feeling crafts this song as one of the top 10 romantic country songs where the idea of falling in love and then declaring how very much you love him gains an articulate dimension.

Mark Wills - "Wish You Were Here": nothing sounds more romantic than to be with your beloved when you really wish him to be beside you; to caress you; to touch your face; and just to be with whenever you wish. Be it in paradise, be it in the warm kiss of the sunny morning or be it in the frosty sheen of the snowfalls—this is exactly the idea of ''Wish you were here'' which has been reckoned as one of the top rated romantic country songs of Mark Wills.

John Michael Montgomery - "I don't want this song to end": To dance till the moon goes down, to look at her eyes and see eternity, to pledge whilst counting the stars and above all to pray the song never to come to an end - The idea of feeling love, sharing and caring eternally and to love perpetually is rightly elaborated in this track whilst making it one of the best love romantic country songs.

Trisha Yearwood - "I'll still love you more": the track is an illustration of love; a proclamation of the deep feeling; an affirmation to love him even ''more than anybody can'' - Trisha Yearwood's style coupled with the rich tune and catchy guitar works further makes this song an ideal romantic country song.

Lonestar — "Tell Her" : Reassure her that you really need her, tell her that you cannot stay without her, reassure her how empty your world is without her, forget your ego and just don't hold back your love—don't let her go— "reassure her with a kiss" — this is the very basic idea of Lodestar's "Tell her" which has been categorized as one of the best romantic country songs.


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