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80s Romantic Comedies - Top 10 Best 80's Romantic Comedies

80’s is marked with some great films that stole the heart of millions. Listing the top 10 romantic comedies of 80’s is not an easy job. Most films show the perfect blend of film making technique and aesthetic perspective as a whole. To name a few, Bull Durham, When Harry Met Sally, Moonstruck, Romancing the Stone and few others can’t be left behind.

The great romantic comedies of 80’s are characterized by a very strong script, great chemistry between the lead actors, and an unforgettable humor. There are moments, in most of the films of this genre that would bring you to tears and titillate your emotional quotient.

Making a list of romantic comedy films of 80’s is a very interesting job. There is so much to explore and to be felt in each of these flicks. It stirs up the emotion as a roll of laughter goes down the belly. The equation of wit mingled with romance is enough to throw you into a cheesy mood. A romantic comedy film is perceived by different people in different ways. For some their romantic chord would be strung, for the rest they would enjoy the laughter element. Moreover every time you see these flicks you would be amazed at your own ability to observe the same film in different ways. The take away is never the same.

  1. Bull Durham

Bull Durham revolves around an exciting game of baseball. The movie was released in 1988 and is certainly a very unassuming flick. An aging baseball player, Kevin Costner, plays the role of a coach to a young talented player, Tim Robbins. There are some remarkable romantic scenes between Susan Sarandon and Costner.

  1. Say Anything…

You just can’t say anything about the flick than rise up and applaud. John Cusack, plays an aspiring kickboxer. Directed by Cameron Crowe, the film was released in 1989. This is indeed called by many as the career defining film of Cusack. Ione Skye, the most gorgeous girl in town, certainly attracts Cusack’s attention. This very well written and freshly scripted film will not fail to absorb your attention and make you want to add it to your romantic comedy movie collection.

  1. When Harry Met Sally

If there is any comedy flick from this decade that is still appreciated highly for its subtle humor and heartwarming romance, it’s When Harry Met Sally. Billy Crystal was undoubtedly at his best. This 1989 flick is certainly his greatest achievement of the whole decade. Meg Ryan flashed an amazing chemistry with Crystal. The story revolves around the rift between friendships that finally sublimes into love. You can relate to the realism of its sentimental chord.

  1. Roxanne

Steve Martin was at his best in this 1987 Hollywood romantic comedy film. He is a firefighter in the movie who looks funny with an unusually large nose. Martin meets Daryl Hannah, an astronomer, and eventually falls in love with her. The twist in this love tale is that Martin doesn’t want to know her. The great actor proved his potential with a very sincere acting, the main highlight of the film.

  1. Overboard

Kurt Russell is the bad boy in Overboard. Released in 1987, Russell received huge appreciation for his amazing acting skills that certainly stole the heart of many. He is a carpenter in the film. Goldie Hawn, whom he is romantically inclined towards, is a very well to do socialite. Russell and Hawn are to be watched and fallen in love with in this movie. It’s above romance and just comedy. The two elements taken together really make the movie a great flick to watch.

  1. Moonstruck

Moonstruck is a movie you would want to watch over and over again. Released in 1987, Cher played the role of a widow, who got a second chance to fall in love and start life afresh. The unmatched performance won her Academy Award. Cher falls in love with Nicolas Cage, who is the younger brother of her boyfriend. The film revolves around the two trying to make each other understand their feelings. The emotions of love are most accurately depicted in the movie. The comic elements add an extra feather to the hat.

  1. About Last Night

About Last Night is a must have collection for your movie rack. Demi Moore, Rob Lowe and James Belushi are at their best in this movie. If there is something called star struck, you would get that feel in this film. Released in 1986, the film is regarded as the best romantic comedy of the year. The actors have probably given their best performances in the movie. Lowe and Moore meet at the bar and end up on bed. They give it a try to start a relation from there. The comic and romantic elements between the two will not fail to steal your heart away.

  1. Tootsie

Consider Tootsie as the most memorable romantic comedy you would ever watch. Dustin Hoffman certainly gave a truly memorable performance in the film. The first thought that would hit your mind after watching the film is that is not a drab. Released in 1982, Hofafman in the movie is a struggling actor in desperate search of work. He turns into a cross dresser to fetch himself a role of a female. The complexity grows when Hoffman falls for his female co-star. The comic elements are subtle in the movie, which makes it a great watch.

  1. Romancing

Robert Zemeckis, the director of The Stone Master, creates yet another memorable flick. Released in 1984, the movie will make you roll with laughter and fill your heart with emotions. The wit and romance walks hand in hand. You can expect all Robert Zemeckis’ signature moves in this movie. The lead roles are played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

  1. Sixteen Candles

Expect to laugh throughout the movie when you watch Sixteen Candles. Molly Ringwald plays a high school oddball in the movie. She falls for the most popular guy in school, who had huge demand amongst girls. The idiosyncratic comedic style of the 1984 movie will make you watch it over and over again.

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