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Birthday Gifts for Him - Top 10 Gift Ideas for Him

Everyone has a special day once a year and, when it comes to showing your sweetheart how much you appreciate them, it’s best to go beyond cake and candles. To take advantage of the moments you have alone together to celebrate, you should purchase one of these top ten romantic birthday gifts for him!



Not only will he love the fact you’ve gotten him something specifically to fit his interests, he will be incredibly happy to share the moment with you. 


Picking these can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean you have to be worked up about it.

Think about what means the most to him – displays of affection, kind words, acts of service, quality time – and then pick one or two of the following to really make him feel loved.


  1. Wash his car.
  2. Gifts For Loved Ones

It seems like such a minor task, but chances are good he probably loves the car almost as much as he loves you. By giving it a good once-over, you will show your willingness to care for what’s important to him and give him some pride in his vehicle again.

  1. Create a treasure hunt.

Who doesn’t like to think about searching for gold or prizes like a pirate in pursuit of a lost chest full of rubies and coins? Though you might not be able to provide him with a bunch of doubloons, you can send him on a chase around the house to locate the items you’ve gotten for him. He’ll probably run off like a little kid!

  1. Schedule a night out with his friends.


Obviously, his birthday is a time when you should be with him, but you can set up another evening for him to enjoy out with the boys. His buddies are a big part of his past and, by letting him hang out with them, you are letting all the guys know you respect the relationship.

  1. Write him a letter.

You might think you have to be the next Emily Dickinson or Charlotte Bronte to create something meaningful for your man, but a guy that loves words will be happy to just have you try. Tell him what you appreciate and admire – even a list of reasons you love him will do the trick.

  1. Make his favorite meal.

No matter where you go, everyone likes to be taken care of – especially when it’s the one day of the year dedicated to them. Prepare the entrée he loves most or bake his favorite pie. He will love that you know the little details and that’s a happiness you can’t buy with a new gadget.

  1. Take a long walk together.

There are times when a man just wants a break at the end of a long day. If he has worked eight (or more) hours on his birthday, sometimes the simple gift of a leisurely stroll is the perfect way for him to get in the mood to party.

  1. Get him tickets to a sporting event – and cheer with him.

Though you might never know it, he would love to have you as engaged in games as much as he is. You may not be an expert, but showing a desire to learn and willingness to yell your lungs out when his team is playing will make him really happy.

  1. Pick out his drink of choice. 

Most guys love beer or a good glass of wine, while others prefer bourbon or other spirits. Grab him one you know he likes or, if he’s the adventurous type, see if you can find a different one for him put on his list.

  1. Plan a weekend away together.

The pace of modern life often leaves us wondering how we can reconnect, so why not surprise him with a brief vacation – with the cell phones, laptops and TV turned off – to give each other your full attention?

  1. Make a naughty jar.

You might feel a bit odd scribbling out a few steamy scenarios and dropping them in a jar for him to pick out, but the fact of the matter is, this will provide spice to your relationship that both of you will benefit from in the long run.


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