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Birthday Gifts for Her - Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

No matter how long you’ve been dating, it is often incredibly intimidating to pick out a present for your woman.  You might spend hours thinking about what to get and still end up wrong, unless you choose something from this list of the top ten romantic birthday gifts for her! 

Assuming you know what she likes best (and you should), then you can select one or two items below and make her day really special.  It doesn’t matter whether she’s the type to appreciate physical affection, time devoted to her or a few loving words, you will have the inside track to her happiness on the most important day of her year.


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  1. Buy her flowers.

Yes, it’s an old standby, but there’s something about this classic display of your love that makes a woman happy.  Sure, she may not be the type to flaunt you in front of others, but you can bet all her girlfriends will be jealous when a bouquet shows up at work with her name on it.

  1. Write some poetry or a letter.

For most guys, the idea of scribbling out a love note is a cringe-inducing thought.  It seems like the best way to share your feelings is by picking some words from Romeo and Juliet, right?  Wrong.  Though she’ll probably like what you select, she will love what you write on your own, as it shows the kind of effort and care that bodes well for your relationship going forward.

  1. Make a collage of old photos.


If you have any history with this girl, chances are good you have loaded up on pictures over the years.  Why not surprise her with a collection of all your old favorites – funny, sweet or otherwise – and paint a picture of how you have evolved as a pair in your time together.  It will give you something to talk about, particularly if you take the opportunity to share when you knew you loved her.

  1. Recreate your first date.

In most cases, a man will go with this idea for Valentine’s Day, when every couple is out on the town to celebrate.  Why not avoid the obvious and decide to take her back in time for her birthday instead of fighting the crowds?  You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company more without all the noise.

  1. Give her the night off.

Women are naturally caring, often spending their time looking out for the needs of their men and/or families without thinking of themselves.  If you don’t give her a break, she will burn out if you are not careful!  Let her come home from work and take a long bath while you cook dinner (or order in, if you aren’t good in the kitchen), then make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger.

  1. Plan a getaway for two.

Let’s be honest, the obligations you both have to work can make it really difficult to unplug and focus on each other.  Time to focus on the ins and outs of your relationship often suffers under the pressure of the busy modern world, so set yourselves up with a weekend separated from the distractions.  Turn off the phone, leave the laptop at home and bask in the glory of attention devoted to each other.

  1. Get a couples massage.

It seems like such a simple thing to do, but the ability to relax together is among the gifts women seek most.  You might not like the idea of having someone dig in on all your sore spots – many guys don’t, which is precisely why she will enjoy having you there with her.  Buck up and schedule an hour together, you’ll be able to talk as your muscles are soothed by a pair of expert hands.

  1. Set aside a night for her to go out with the girls.

You like having time with the guys, so why not return the favor?  Coordinate with her friends on a good night for all of them to join up, then present your woman with an invitation to a party you’ve already created in her honor!  She can live it up and reminisce about her single days, then come home to you.

  1. Go shopping with her – and don’t complain.

Much like a man watching a sporting event, hitting the stores will cause a woman to focus and block out everything else.  Volunteer an afternoon to be her assistant, commenting on what you like and carrying her bags without so much a sigh of discontent.  She’ll feel like you are cheering her in the same way you would a winning team!

  1. Answer to her every whim.

A woman needs to know she’s the center of your world every once in a while.  Most of the time she won’t say it, but being treated like a queen shows how much you value her.  Provide her favorite dinner for her and give her a back rub or get her a good bottle of wine and let her read a book.  This is almost like handing her a blank check – whatever she wants, goes.


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